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…..loving summer travel

August 18, 2017

20170817_134446…. well this almost being retired has produced an amazing summer…  my work voicemail apparently states in a most cheerful manner, that I am away for the month of August… I of course recorded the ‘away’ message… didn’t realize how pleased I sounded to not be working!

Of course ‘away’ included 10 days in Chicago watching Roscoe, the dog… our summer city staycation.  We provide an amazing experience for the dog… and have fun ourselves.  This year Roscoe spend two days in daycare, which he adores… one with his best friend Gracie…

On doggie day care days, we took our old age ventra passes, spent $1 per bus ride, and off we went to discover new neighborhoods… one of which we might live in.. Arthur has been researching homes online, our mission was to walk the neighborhoods… Such fun..!  Perhaps by next summer vaca we will be living in Chicago….  On our next day, we bussed to Navy Pier.. enjoyed walking and eating, took the water taxi to Union Station and found our bus back to our vacation home…

Every other day brought walks, fun food and lazy times on the deck with Roscoe as he ‘managed’ the comings and goings of the neighbors, receiving love from all..

Possibly we overbooked, as we finished in the city on Sunday and left Monday morning to drive to Denver for our next adventure… We took two days stopping in Nebraska overnight, and timing our trip to meet my dear SIL at the Denver airport!  Grabbed DSIL and immediately began our amazing week with the Denver cousins…  and their most adorable and loving parents.. the P’s will be married 75 years soon… and at nearly 99 and 95 they model a life well lived!

This trip we added 3 nights in Breckinridge to our trip.. staying with our cousins and finding laughter all day all night, between walking, shopping and eating… more laughing.

Somehow we lost track of the day of the week, apparently here every day is Friday…. OH, today is actually IS Friday!  I guess it is part of being retired, we can have the day of the week be whatever we want it to be…. I can tell I am going to love full out retirement once I get there!

When we get back to Denver, we visit more cousins, celebrate more time with the P’s and then head back to Chicago…

We need to get back because my next assignment… watching Cooper the cat starts right away…the last weekend of the month… Cooper is needy… cute, sometimes sweet and always needy, but he can be left alone for the day… so my DF (Dear Friend) is flying in from NYC for the weekend…. ummmm…. wake up Chi town, here we come… the schedule is not yet firm, but it will be full, exhausting and fun!

And then… OMG, I am going to have to work 3 days in August…. sheesh, how did that happen?  Poor scheduling!

Next year, I’ll plan better.  Fortunately the next weekend if Labor Day and Jazz Fest in Chicago… more fun times!


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  1. Awesome post. I just loved it so much !! 👍😊

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