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…. living in the city

August 8, 2017



….. temporarily.  sigh.20170702_132105

Life in the city is exhilarating, exciting, convenient, engaging and exhausting!  I know we think we are going to be living in the city within a year…. however……

We are going to need to consider pacing ourselves!

For example…. yesterday… one day…. an ordinary regular type of day…

I start each day releasing Roscoe from his crate… followed by the full scratch plan, when Roscoe wiggles and sighs as he awakes with a full out rub.

We head outside, sometimes for a short walk, but often for a walk and then the dog park. The dog park requires supplies, toys, treats, and water…. lots of water…

Off we go to see who is out to play!  There are the two poodles, one a tuxedo, the chulupa, whatever that is… and assorted dogs of all sizes, running chasing, finding friends, making new friends… while the adults in the ‘room’ do the same!

After the dog park it is time for brekkie and some play time, followed by a nap… Roscoe gets the nap, sometimes at our feet, sometimes in his crate.  Yesterday was crate as we walked north to Lincoln Square to meet DD…

(and there the post stopped, stopped for 3 days, while adventures occurred)

…. for coffee and a cookie, a stop at the meet market and the grocer and back to DD’s for lunch… ‘home’ again, we got ready for a wedding in Pilsen… a most beautiful sweet wedding at the secret garden… truly a wonder hidden behind a wooden wall, an old rectory and nunnery.. a wedding on a gorgeous perfect night…

I started this page to talk about one day…. parts of each are the same… Roscoe dominated!  But each day has its own rhythm… Sunday we relaxed on the back deck for hours.. even Roscoe enjoying the quiet time… and then headed to our friends and Roscoe’s best friends for a visit…

Ah, city visits!  We visited, the dogs played, we relaxed outside… and oh so fast hours had gone by and we were ordering Italian from… lots of Italian… variety of Italian… and we feasted.  Feasting seems to be a major component of city life.. We like it!

Home again… Monday was a ‘normal’ city day… walk Roscoe to the doggie groomer, meet a client for some work, pick up Roscoe and walk him over for a play date with his bestie… Walk home….

… and then head out again for dinner followed by Scooter’s frozen Custard… Oh just yum!  And oh just how fun to be out walking…

You are up to date… Tuesday… Roscoe and I have been to the dog park, met new friends, and it is back to the resting portion before setting out for a walk…  and likely some crate time for Roscoe as we replenish supplies… Apparently they don’t let large dogs in grocery stores!  Makes sense!

Dinner tonight looks to be here with whatever anybody has to share!  … And a bottle of good wine….

The city life!  Less ‘rules’, more ‘ease’, simple!  … And I have not even gotten into Yoga at OneKey and Yoga6… a potential Barre class, OY… and adventures in the Loop, Navy Pier, and the Museum Campus.

On we go… adventure to come!



  1. Louise permalink

    Chulupa sounds like an order from Taco Bell.

    • I know! Actually a brindle kind of dog, midsize… lots of energy… I saw him the next day in his neighborhood… so much fun to have levels of acquaintances of all ages! it is the energy and engagement that draws me in…

      Hugs to you!

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