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….yoga in the city

August 3, 2017

_storage_emulated_0_Android_data_com.sec.imsservice_files_received_files_20170802_203724_1501726500200Well now here is the true situation of my life…..

I love yoga.. I practice yoga with my entire heart…

Apparently, looking clearly at this photo, I am not very good at yoga!!!!! But then if I agree to that statement, I undermine YOGA!

My yoga is my yoga alone! So maybe I am AMAZING at yoga!

Looking at this photo, that seems obvious!

Overall I am pretty pleased with this expression of my pose. well until I look up close at my face!  It is a study in really hard ass tough concentration.  There is not one drop of ease in my facial expression.  I WILL achieve this pose!  Thus some learning yet to achieve relative to the meaning and purpose of yoga!

Let’s back up…. Wednesday night yoga in the city is taught by DD!  She is AMAZING!  DD studied to teach pediatric yoga in conjunction with her pediatric career.  She then decided to take the 200 hour adult yoga teacher training.  For herself, as more information for her pediatric groups, and possibly to teach…. I do just have to say that while she was learning, she was teaching the anatomy portion to the entire training class and continues to teach anatomy to the newer trainings as well.

So, she trained, she certified, she practiced and she began to open herself to teaching opportunities.  Currently she teaches in the yoga studio across the street from her home and in a multi location Chicago studio.  SHE IS AMAZING!  (OH, I said that before…. still true!)

However, let’s get back to last night… Usually I drive in, yoga, dinner, sleep over and drive home in the early morning…  last night and for next WED…. wait for it … I LIVE in the city!  OK, so I don’t actually LIVE in the city… DH and I are staying at the home of DS while they travel.  So it is our summer city staycation… it comes with a dog… I do digress, so we have some responsibility!

But back to yoga… DD told us up front we were going to work toward a challenging pose, a very challenging pose… and that however we managed it was terrific… so we started, we moved, we used our bodies, we opened our joints.. and then it was time.

The photo caps our journey… our journey of balance, of strength and of trust.  We began with one leg on the floor and the other in the air behind us… we pulled our back leg through to the front without touching the ground… and only then began to stretch the front leg forward and reach out to hold our foot with one arm, then twist open with the other.

WOW!  So while I am not ‘straight’… I DID IT!

I did it with the support of the class and the belief and encouragement of the strong teacher (DD!)

DD often asks us to set an intention for our practice.  Last night my intention was to be comfortable always being authentic me.  HMMM, I guess I lived my intention… the picture of that pose is pretty authentic me.

Do you yoga?  How do you feel about your practice?


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