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…..picking up the speed to retirement

July 29, 2017

….ah, retirement!  such a lovely word!  I have been employed consistently for most of the past 43 years.  (I started working when VERY YOUNG!)

Like many of my generation, I have had several careers, some success, lots of fun and showed up every day.

When DH and I started talking about retirement, likely around 10 years ago when the children were raised, educated and out of the house… (Well mainly out of the house, except for when they moved back into the house at random intervals.) we focused on our retirement funding.

Having weathered several economic downturns and seen our retirement funds slashed by 1/3 in a day, we knew the importance of contributing and managing our future income.

At that time and for years after, actually RETIRING did not really enter our minds.  We were preparing…. and working…

Then, about two years ago DH was retired, respectfully and gracefully, but retired.  Hmmm.  He got to retire, stay home, determine each day what he wanted to do and only do that.  Hmmmm.

I make it sound exciting, but it was also somewhat stressful.  Stressful for us both.  DH had to figure out what each day would look like, figure out how to not only enjoy but pass all the hours of the day and I had to figure out my feelings about DH being retired and my still bringing home the bacon.  Of course I understood, because I am YOUNGER than DH and thus still of working age, however… and I will leave that as just … however…

So now it is two years later and I am on the path to retirement!  For 25 years I have worked for a small company, only two main employees, the owner and myself.  Thus a normal two week notice would not work.  Or even a month… or two.

Starting last summer, I added 4 weeks non paid vaca to my year… SWEET!  This year I became a contract employee, determining my own hours in conjunction with the rhythms of our business.

… all of this chatter, to get to the point… I am TAKING THE MONTH OF AUGUST OFF… taking the month of August off on top of working part time since May and planning to work part time until the end date…

Hmmm, a bit of a ramble.. there are two points… by next May I will be totally RETIRED with no work, no job, no contract… and joining DH in the daily ‘what should we do’ discussion.

And… I will be practicing that experience for the entire month of August!  Actually, it won’t be a true experience as we will not be home!

DS and DDIL are making a vaca trip,  we will spend the first part of the month in the city with Roscoe the dog.. see posts on Roscoe the dog!

We have a one day turnover and head to Denver to visit the Colorado aunt, uncle and cousins for a week, meeting up with DSIL from Florida as well…. then we drive back to Chi town for a quick turn around and head back to the city to watch Cooper the cat… see posts on Cooper the cat.  A dear friend from NYC is coming in to stay with me then as well!

WOW, add two weddings, some brunch, dinner dates and my calendar is full.  That is what I hear about retirement… busier than a work day…

(singing) I like it, I love it, I want some more of it……

Retirement, here I come…. forget the not, I am READY!


  1. Linda permalink

    It’s Linda from WW, Judy just called me from Saturday morning, Noreen passed away

  2. I hear retirement is always busier too which is strange, but I think we get to do all the things we never got to do when we were younger.

  3. Love this blog. I recently retired after 26 years of working (10 years before that as a SAHM) and before that 10 years of work. So now that the kids are out of the house and the grandkids are growing up fast, I have decided I love my part time business more than my full time job – and yes, been busy as a beaver. Miss my work friends but have found a whole new group of retired friends…..we talk, we meet and we have fun. Best part is not getting up in the morning and rushing out to work – that 2nd cup of coffee never tasted so good.

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