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…..a day with Roscoe

July 28, 2017

…. or What IS inside the brain of a dog?!

Wednesday is Yoga in the city night.  Yoga followed by dinner and wine, an overnight at DDs and an early morning drive home in my soft pants and t shirt.

This week another dimension was added with the offer of an afternoon with Roscoe, DSs darling dog.  About 50 pounds of adorable fur and love surrounding an unfathomable doggie mind.


He is brilliant, truly brilliant, not just Grandma says so brilliant.  Mixed with brilliant is ‘has no clue’, as in truly ‘has no clue’.

One never knows which Roscoe is available to play on any given day.  Certain is that Roscoe is available to play!

He has been spending more day time hours in his crate since he ate the sofa, so I knew where I would find him!.

As soon as the door to his crate is open, Roscoe exits.  Exits with joy wiggling his entire doggie body.  He must immediately have something in his mouth, preferable a toy, but any old shoe will do.  He is not going to eat it, just needs it in his mouth.  The next moments are spent giving him quick rubs as he dashes by.  He is not going far, just circling whoever granted him freedom, exuding joy and enthusiasm.

Soon Roscoe is ready to settle, to sit down, lay down and absorb the pleasure of  a full body scratch/rub.  He relaxes as though he were having a massage.

Then it is play time.  Play takes many forms!  The best play engages Roscoe’s mind as well as his body.  A recent article stated that his breed loves a challenge, loves to ‘work’ and is often one step ahead.

A great game of ball may involve throwing it in the air for Roscoe to attempt to catch, it will not involve fetch as he is just not interested in getting the ball or bringing it back.  Most interesting is an interactive game.  Roscoe will toss the ball out of his mouth and then use his paws to manipulate, move and recover.  He likes when I move the ball under my leg and he dives for it.

On this afternoon, he discovered that his most ever favorite for that day ball was under the living room sofa.  Be very clear, I feel quite sure this particular yellow tennis ball, much less valuable then all of his specially purchased doggie balls, and likely carried home from the doggie park next to the tennis court does not meet human criteria for ‘fav ball’.

Retrieving the ball was easy peasy and the game began.  Over time the game morphed to the family room and the ball predictably went under the partially eaten brown sofa.  Not as easy to retrieve.

The sofa is too heave to move, thus the stick end of the Swiffer must be used to cajole the ball into the light.  First time was the charm, the ball rolled just out to the end of the sofa where Roscoe pounced on it and returned it to under the sofa.

Here is the brilliance,  He wanted his ball, he knew where his ball was and he expected me to produce the ball.  Many attempts with the Swiffer yielded a large bone, but no ball.  Roscoe chewed the bone for a bit and then came and sat next to me, leaned his doggie body into my side as if to say… please get my ball! (Perhaps I just decided that is what he wanted!)

The damn ball had to be under that sofa somewhere… but I could not see it.  I am wedged on the floor between the sectional sofa and the coffee table wielding my Swiffer pole to no avail.  Roscoe is right next to me, nose under the sofa.  So….

I sat down, got my phone, downloaded the flashlight app, ( I rarely download anything, being most technically challenged) shined the light under the sofa, located the ball and retrieved it!

At which point Roscoe was no longer interested!



  1. so roscoe. so mollie. so dog……

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