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…. and then there was Cooper

July 11, 2017

cooper… what can you say?  Cooper the Cat runs the household of DD and DSIL… He has attitude enough to spare.. and love that never ends..

Cooper is independent and needy… loving and spiteful…. snuggly and evasive… he is a CAT!

He can get himself into major predicaments, annoy everyone… and then look just so adorable that he is immediately forgiven!  He counts on that!

Most cats can be left for a few days with plenty of kibble and water… not Cooper.  He eats all the kibble the first day, and totally trusts that someone will come and feed him.  He may or may not be kind to the human who shows up to do the feeding, but he eats the kibble anyway!… Well of course with his wet food as well…

And expects treats to be dispensed!  Sometimes the treats are hidden to give him work to do, other times he enjoys grabbing them out of the air.

Cooper is a suburban cat who moved to the city (Chicago)… He lives a life of luxury with big windows showcasing the world of activity below.  He may choose to observe, or turn his back on the excitement and nap.

He is an excellent napper…  his first choice is DSIL’s lap… however DSIL works… (to support Cooper of course!) so Cooper will nap on the big chair, the sofa, or the bed.. or apparently in the yoga basket (see photo above!).

DH and I are part of the Cooper support team..  We may stop by to feed and play… or stop by to sit so Cooper has a lap… or even stay over so Cooper can ignore us, but not be alone.

Neither of us ever had cat contact.. so this is new territory… DH is very good at providing a comfortable nap lap, Cooper may turn up his nose or even hiss at DH when we arrive, however as soon as DH is settled in the big chair, Cooper approaches, pounces and settles.. ignoring DH, but settled!

I am better at food and games.  Unfortunately Roscoe the dog came to visit and broke Cooper’s favorite toy and broke his toy box.  I am not sure Roscoe (50# of energy) will be invited back very soon!

There is always the treat game..

… and mealtime.  Cooper knows a lot about mealtime, where the food is kept, when it should be served and he is not shy about alerting you to his needs.  He starts with a gentle conversation, ups the urgency as time passes.. even sits in front of his food cabinet so there can be no mistake as the what is required.

Life is not dull with Cooper the cat… !  We look forward to our visits.. and cat care opportunities… who knew cats could be so much fun?!


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