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….. the end of…..

July 4, 2017


…. ah, the end of ?

the end of the glass….

the end of the bottle…

the end of the day…

the end of the week….

(singing( and on and on and on and on….!

sweet endings….

add in nearly the end of my working life,  and coming to the end of over 3 decades in this house…

change is always happening, a bit of it seismic, mostly mundane, and often unnoticed.

Since our children’s weddings two and three summers ago, we have kept a large glass container holding wine corks.  After three years, the container is over 1/2 full.  most of the bottles were uncorked, enjoyed and recycled without thought..

for some reason yesterday as I sat on the deck, chatting with DH and sipping a glass of wine, the empty glass caught my attention.  Usually one glass of wine is just the right amount, yesterday was so pleasant that the thought of a second came to mind.

That would mean opening another bottle, however we are going out of town today for the rest of the week, so to open another bottle for one glass would be to waste the rest of the bottle..

… sigh

and thus the sweet reflections… the opportunity to sit back and re enjoy the afternoon comfortably settled in my deck chair, light breeze, soft sunshine under the shade of our big trees, conversation with DH…. taking moments to appreciate the beauty of our life as seen in the reflection of the empty glass.

the empty wine glass became a thoughtful marker of life’s joys, a prism of the sweet life we live…

not the end of…. but the beginning of……





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