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July 2, 2017


years ago I read that people are project or process oriented… think of it in terms of knitting.. one knitter will pull stitches out over and over again, check gauge to be certain it is correct, all to be certain the item is sized perfectly… all of this without thought of time, process oriented.  Another will happily knit away, more interested in finishing the project and moving on to the next…

… I am a project person.  sigh.  a project person who would like to be more process oriented, who at times will think about and move toward a more process oriented view.

but, overall…. project…

… the yard is a project.. oh, yes, project in all terms of the word… it easily could be a 100% full time project.. without ever injecting process into the mix..

Just weeding, edging, trimming and managing the yard takes much time.. add in planting and then managing the planting…  yikes!  retirement required!

I am running late this year, usually Mother’s day to memorial day is prime planting time.  Knowing we would be gone the month of June, planting happened this weekend.

We try to add a few perennials each year.. grasses have been a top favorite.. as well as colorful flowering plants along the front borders.  Mostly planting is annuals… filling in around existing beds, and replanting containers.

… it is HARD work!  there is the bending, carrying, digging, squatting and reaching for hours on end.  thankfully there is time on the deck at the end of the day relishing the result… and hoping that the result grows, flowers and lives!

This year took two days, two trips to acquire plants, twice the above mentioned physical activity.. but also twice the pleasure from the deck… pictures of deck to come!

There is another benefit… planting in the front yard, allows interaction with neighbors!  We actually have neighbors, living neighbors!  … ok we were pretty sure there was other life on our street, not that we ever actually observe much of it!  Sitting on the ground, surrounded by plants, covered in dirt, (I don’t garden neatly), neighbors appeared!  Near neighbors, one of them new since last planting season… a bit further neighbors walking by with the cutest of dogs, neighbors we used to see often when kids were running rampant, all sorts of neighbors… what fun!

….but of course I digress… back to the yard, my planting system is random, although progress in the randomization has been made.  I now choose a color palette and STICK WITH IT!  This year is pink and purple with a bit of white.  … and here is where project/process interjects.  I do have an idea… a concept.. I have been planting this yard for over 30 years, although there was a major upgrade to the backyard a few years back.

Still, plant acquisition is not precise.. that is likely one of the reasons that it takes two trips!  And, even today after two trips there is one container forgotten… Will I go and acquire more plants for this container?  I may, as I also thought I would end up with flowering containers along the deck and I ran out of containers..

I am making progress on the process though.  for the first time, I gathered all of the containers and put them in one places, gave some thought as to their planted location.. and even tried to keep that in mind during the plant purchasing!

Honestly, the result is very pleasing to my eye.  I will not be inviting any ‘true’ gardeners over to evaluate.  I will be sitting on my deck, resting and smiling… recovering!


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