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…. mornings matter…

July 1, 2017

… I love morning… waking early, making the coffee, perhaps indulging in a cranberry pistachio biscotti (thank you dear SIL!), finding my chair.. just where I left it.. (such a surprise!)

.. there is a routine, a very locked down routine, but not always the routine in the same order.. certainly the coffee and the finding of the chair are first!

My chair is a side chair in the living room.. it is not a permanent location, in that I have used the other end of the sofa, the other side chair, and even the floor as ‘the location’.  Whatever the current ‘location’ is, it lasts for awhile, often months, maybe years, and changes on a whim..

I inhale the first cup of coffee, sip the second, and there is always coffee left in the mug, this continues to frustrate DH, even after nearly 40 years, but I digress.

Anticipating the routine ahead, I settle in… always in sleep wear, with my phone, tablet, computer, books and meditation cushion near.  Based on age and status of knees, I rarely actually sit on the meditation cushion, it provides a lovely resting place for my self-help inspirational books of the moment.

Currently I am working my way through two books, The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna, this is my third time working my way through this book… I read it in one sitting the first time, over a couple of days the second time and now on the third, I am taking it a page at a time. (If I could ‘link’, I would link you to this book and to recent blog posts discussing MUST).  My other book is ‘Start Where you Are’ by Meera Lee Patel.  Meera uses well known quotes and her own ideas to create a space for her readers to thoughtfully dig inside.. and write.  Today, the page is Albert Camus and the quote is: ‘In the midst of winter, I found that within me was an invincible summer.’  Yesterday, Shel Silverstein’s quote was: ‘but of all the magic I have known I have had to make myself’.  Wonderful to ponder…

The routine has boundaries, but the daily activities are totally up to me and the time per activity is self controlled, well, actually controlled by me within the limits of the requirements of the outside world!  Today, the boundary was to include being at Home Depot when it opened… 6am… ah here it is 8:30 and I am nowhere near Home Depot yet! (I need a few more flowers!)  I’ll wait and take DH, together we will be able to navigate the crowds.

So on any given day, I might play a game on my tablet, check emails and texts, read fiction, ask google odd questions (today I wanted to know what has happened to author Sarah Addison Allen, the answer was somewhat unsatisfactory, but that led me to reread a bit of one of her books… )

I may confer with my online google calendar, write emails, make lists and think about the day.  A change in the last year has been my obsession with checking in on the state of the world.  I have a new Twitter account, I follow 8 account holders, with RoguePotus being my favorite… one of the newer RoguePotus tweets states that POTUS yelled foul words at the television and then heaved a book at it.  According to the tweet, the television may no longer be working.  My other favorite was the day POTUS tried three time to overturn his desk in the middle of a temper tantrum.. he failed.  It is possible that there is no RoguePotus, secret Twitter account holder, giving us insight into the goings on at 1600 Pensylvania Ave… and I am just being entertained by a wacky night doorman at a Trump property.

I have learned to Tweet myself, sending out my important thoughts to the highest politicians, news commentators, and print authors of the land.  To date, no one has responded!

All of this creates balance… maybe more time on the cushion and less on Twitter would create a healthier balance… or maybe it is like chocolate, the need for chocolate is balanced by the walk, the walk alone just would not be satisfactory!

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