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…chubby cheetah and the donut

June 29, 2017

actually, there was no donut… but there was the expectation and accompanying excitement of a donut.. so the interesting conversation is about the feelings a donut inspires.

DD lives in the city.. so does DS,  today’s story is about the local farmer’s market near DD…

on background (that’s what reporters say when they want to tell you more than what the story requires, or so I think!)… I love the city… particularly the neighborhoods on the north side.. Lakeview, Ravenswood, Logan, Lincoln Square.. they bubble with excitement and engagement, alive with activity, personality and busyness.

so, yesterday I headed to Chicago.. leaving early to be ahead of traffic, (as usual it didn’t work), stopping for dinner provisions and blasting an old Dixie Chicks CD …  arriving, I found parking 2 blocks away.. a gift as I was loaded with yoga mat, overnight bag and three serious size bags of groceries..

But of course I digress… chubby cheetah wants to discuss the donut… or lack of donut, but first I (chubby cheetah!) needed a manicure/pedicure.. and to wait for DD to arrive home.

The donut was not on my mind, I enjoyed walking to and from the nail salon, chatting with a young man about his Roscoe ish dog, detouring just because I could, to scout out location of the market and returning to DD’s home to read my book.

When DD and DSIL made it home, the discussion began… there would be dinner, late, after yoga… DSIL wanted ice cream. lots of ice cream. now. and suggested a walk to the corner CVS.. DD wanted a fresh tamale, making her case for the market…  Ice cream sounded awesome… although unnecessary, tamale’s were an unknown, but markets could be fun… so decision made we head to the market..

a small market.. church run, food trucks, venders, activities for kids, music… just the amazing normalness of city life on a WEDNESDAY!

as we approached a listing of the venders caught my eye… donut truck.. DONUT TRUCK.. an entire truck of donuts… forget tamales, lead me to the donuts…

as we entered the market, I tried to be discreet… scope out the location of the donut truck and plan my approach… but I couldn’t find it… sigh…  now this was not a big market, maybe 6-8 trucks, a few venders… where could the donut truck be?

since donuts are not really a required food group, and a case could be made that the impact of prior donuts was readily visible on my being.. I stuck with cagey…

the kids wandered about, passing the tamale truck in favor of an empanada… as we wandered.. aimlessly on their part, with distinct donut stress on mine…. I could feel the impact of donut less ness growing…

finally the bread vender, under skillful prompting, revealed that the donut truck had not shown…

…. so for truth in blogging, this is the key detail… I hadn’t thought of a donut until I saw the sign, then I was obsessed with finding a donut, and finally punch in the gut, crushed with the news that there would be no donut… remember, I didn’t even want a donut initially!

…. and herein lies the reason chubby cheetah continues to be chubby… with no donut possible, but the intent of donut deeply lodged in my being… I NEEDED a substitute… fortunately  Hillary’s Cookies had an amazing tart, cookie on the bottom, apple strawberry pie in the middle and broken cookie topping… OH MY!

worth every bite, possibly even better than a donut…. I did share a few (small) bites, although by this time the kids had gone back for their tamale… tamale vs tart?  I pick tart EVERY time!

Perhaps I can make a case that I walked, really used every muscle in yoga, ate healthy the rest of the day, so my tart was perfectly acceptable.  And it was, the ‘issue’ is working the chubby cheetah mindset to actively and independently choose food.  Not let food choose me… sigh…

What is your relationship with your struggle foods?  How do you manage?

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