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…. alas, my fitbit is broken

June 28, 2017


how is one to go on?  seriously, fibbit, as DH and I fondly call our trackers, is my lifeline.

so what happened?  sigh.  fibbit and I went into the hot tub three times on vaca… each time the initial dunk reminded me of fibbit on my wrist… and I dashed to the towel!

With comments of ‘it’s over, ruined, never work again’, following me… I dried and patted.. and fibbit survived… day after ridiculous dunking day fibbit survived.. He survives yet.. except for his band, which has become totally unglued.. and thus unable to hold his beating electronic heart.. and rendering him unable to accept the lifeblood of the charging cord.

a week without fibbit cannot be a week without commit to steps, stairs and stats… I am living in an alternative universe.. believing that I am keeping up with my goals, and yet no fibbit to reward me, no sync to my phone to encourage me, no data fed to my online account where my friends are racking up steps, flights, and minutes of activity while fibbit remains silent.

Replacement is non-negotiable.. a new fibbit must be obtained quickly.. the kids will have to order it on their amazon prime accounts  for immediate delivery.  Chase pay will likely need to be activated… how did we ever survive without advanced technology..

forget fibbit for a moment, without prime, I would have to wait perhaps an entire WEEK… without Chase pay, the techie kids would have to go unreimbursed until the snail mail check could arrive and they could locate a bank to put it in…  what a world.

ok, back to ME and MY problems… which fibbit should I order?  the super techie, might even do the laundry model?  Probably not, I could never manage my garmin heart rate monitor, too many buttons and I am comatose.

the simplest, stick it in your pocket and walk model?  Never… how could I go back to no flights of stairs, calories burned or minutes of activity per day..

the same one?  sounds so boring… but I know it … it would be comfortable, like a 38 year old marriage.. and there have been improvements… changeable bands.

I mean it was odd to wear a purple fibbit to a wedding, but the wedding dance is where the steps are.. fibbit required.. additional conservative black band needs to be added for festive occasions.

fibbit is not cheap, things of value rarely are… so along with the new fibbit needs to come a continued/renewed commitment to move…. move it, move it, move it… every single day.. hmm, yup every day.

Perhaps this is the time to rachet up the food side of this equation as well… new fibbit, new commitment to food choices… oh just sigh… fibbit where are you?  we had such a good run… we walked the great china wall, climbed to the clouds….

No looking back, the future awaits… fibbit, we have a date with destiny.  I will order the updated version today… what color?




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