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chubby cheetah starts a new week….

May 22, 2017

…. oh it is always something…

that gets in the way of weight management…

… ha, that is an excuse… we ALWAYS do what we really want to do… and sometimes that is what we need to do, other times not so much!


Is weight a priority?  Apparently not!  Or not as big a priority as chocolate, wine and my chair!


So, here we go… opening the door on a new week, a new possibility for a new priority…

What would make weight loss a priority for me?  More important than chocolate, wine and my chair?


Oh shit… it is just so hard to argue with Health… really not possible to ignore Health…

Just Fuffy!… Health… BORING… way more boring than chocolate, wine and my chair… However…. yup, that required a however….. being sick/less healthy is way more boring than being well.


Honesty is not much fun on a Monday…

The thing is that the honesty of a Monday can easily be forgotten/ignored/overshadowed by chocolate, wine and my chair by… 10am?  noon?

I can sense a change in the wind of weight management, a southern summer breeze of salad and veggies..

Because the bottom line is, as always, what does Chubby Cheetah want more.. that is the seesaw, the never ending sway…

AND, as much as Health rears it’s roar of reality, the sub reasons can be compelling as well, the body view in summer clothes versus the bulk of winter wear.

The endurance to play harder, stronger, longer in the summer sun.

OK, OK…. I am listening… !

Updates at 10!



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