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letting go…… of stuff

May 18, 2017

The thing about not blogging for awhile, is that there is so much to say!  So many areas needing attention and commentary!  IMHO!

I mean, I have cut my work hours 50%, and still there is not enough time to say everything I need/want to say!

Because, life draws me into experience…. daily experience.. which of course creates more to write about!  ok, I’ll take the experience and figure out the writing later!

So, DH and I are working on letting go of 33 years of accumulated stuff in our home… Levels and layers of stuff.  Some of it seemed valuable at the time, some of it seemed necessary at the time, and most of it was just ‘stored’.  Other words may have been used at the time of the storing, but ‘stored’ is the reality of what happened.

That set of dishes, replaced.  Those clothes, either due to change of lifestyle or life size!  All of the paper….. paper paper paper…  Items acquired from the generation above and expected to be passed to the generation below.

News alert!… the generation below is not interested.  Not interested as in saying NO!  Further news alert, there is too much stuff in the world.. and too much stuff in our home.  The things we ‘collected’… our generation collected… oh did we collect… unfortunately millions of us collected, from Hummels to Beanie Babies, we collected, now exist in plethoras never before seen, thus the ‘value’ plummets in direct proportion to the quantity available.

On we go, layer by layer, trip after trip to the curb and to the donation centers.. We have removed much, and there is much to left to move!

Have you done this?  downsized, rethought your commitment to your stuff?  So easy as first, the broken, worn out, despised, cheap items leave.  And then we have to stop and think, recommit, rethink, move some more items… and observe the vast amount of stuff left.

We stuffed stuff everywhere!  We created stuffable areas and then stuffed them, we stuffed vertically and horizontally, boxed, bagged, binned… stuffed!

Hmmm, I wonder if unstuffing our home, might help me become less stuffed! (Just an aside from Chubby Chubby.)

Bottom line, we have agreed to unstuff, mentally unstuff and actually physically unstuff.  We have a deadline, but I am not sure we will make it!  Partially due to the inertia of destuffing, and partially due to the exciting life we lead!  … ah experience over destuff?  Sounds reasonable, but it just won’t fly…

Destuff must be the priority for 2017.

Updates to come.



One Comment
  1. Garage sale! Price everything VERY CHEAP! Let others take your stuff away for you!
    Anything leftover, donate or chuck it that day.

    Of course, there is always eBay…

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