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looking for the tabula rasa….

May 11, 2017

Ah, tabula rasa… the blank page

Blank Page?   As in, today is a blank page, unwritten until it is lived.

Joseph Campbell states that, “If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, it is not your path.  Your own path you make with every step that you take.”

WOW…  Come on, if I don’t know the path, if I don’t know the next step, how will I survive?  I survive because of the surety of the path, the repetitive steps I have created for a safe life.  A safe life, emotionally and physically.  Right?

So, we are talking about finding MUST, leaving behind should and opening life to MUST.

Apparently that includes stepping OFF the PATH.

Actually, the thought is kind of exciting.. like taking a hike and stepping off the trail into a beautiful meadow.  HOWEVER, and I do mean all caps, HOWEVER, that works when you can still see the path, and return to it when you choose.

Adventure is fine as long the security of the original path is visible.  In life, that could be mentally visible as well as physically visible.

Does Joseph Campbell really believe it possible to take a step, to live, move forward without the security net of SHOULD?

I think he does mean exactly that.

Sort of exciting, and brutally terrifying.  Take today, the path is clear, including mundane items, eat, shower, work and then…. a fun ending, a Charity Gala in the city.  Hmm, there is a bit unknown, off the path experience, about the Gala.  I have been there before, I know the form and function, I will be a guest of dear friends.  This year there are new people at the table, will I fit?  Will they like me? Will there be conversation, or communication?  Will the evening fly by or drag?  I have not been dwelling on these thoughts, but my mind has been exploring this future experience over the last few days, including potential conversation openers and exit strategies.

Pre-thinking the Gala is my mind’s way to stay on what I perceive as my path, my safety net, to control my life experience.

And how much living could I add by removing the ‘path’ and taking the evening one step at a time?  What if I approached the evening with wide eyed wonder, open to each moment?

OH MY!  I think our friend Joseph Campbell is onto something.  By not pre-qualifying the experience, it will be an entirely different experience, unknown until it happens.

SIGH…. this is my mission for today, no defined path tonight, one open hearted step in front of the next…

… This post began with today’s page from ‘The Crossroads of Should and Must’, by Elle Luna.  I liked the visual of the blank page, the words of the post came from inside, unplanned, a discovery in progress… Thank you for taking this journey with me!


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