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…live your life….

May 8, 2017

OMG… what a concept…!  Hey, how often has life lived me?  … and am I ready to take over this life and just live the living #### out of the rest of it?


There will be shoulds, because life requires some shoulds… and there will be musts…. no, not you must take out the garbage… musts, as in you MUST play today.

The details are in the definitions… many of the shoulds function as gate keepers, keeping the gates closed, with a limited view of LIFE.

Should is the gate keeper to MUST… and MUST is where I am headed, aimed straight ahead at life… through the gates every day, full MUST ahead!

sigh, apparently with such amazing rhetoric, I still should go to work, acquire food, and brush my teeth.  BALANCE.  ah, balance.. when I find more MUST, more joy, more LIFE, should will have his space, but not drive LIFE.

I like it… I love it, I want some more of it… (I was singing!)

My daughter, the yogi, has me do heart openers… they feel so good… finding MUST is the ultimate heart opener… that sweet spot that stays all life long.

Yesterday was an amazing day of MUST, of plans that changed faster than they could be made, that found me with some of my favorite folk, including dogs, that offered movement, laughter, companionship and abounded in ease and a soft heart… the day worked because I was open… leaving my expectations and leaning in..

hmmmm, leaning in… I know that phrase, I like that phrase, I don’t always live that phrase… leaning in requires giving up control, requires accepting the is, and not forward planning the should..

I have been reading about improving my life for nearly 20 years!  And, I do think progress occurs.  However for all of those years, LIFE has been driven by some pretty hefty shoulds…  limiting progress on MY MUSTS, as the shoulds of earning a living, maintaining a home, raising a family and getting through the years owned the priority.

Make no mistake, I am still invested in the above shoulds, although the family has apparently gotten themselves raised and quite possibly could view the above should as they now raising me!

I start this work week, part time!, filled with the joy of MUST, the excitement of discovery, the opportunity to lean in, to speak truth, to LIVE MY LIFE.

Join me on this life of discovery!






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