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….. chubby cheetah returns…

January 18, 2016

oh my, how easy it is to step away from the habit/discipline of blogging… hmmm, it is at least that easy to step away from the habit/discipline of good healthy living!!!

However, the chubby cheetah is ON THE MARK!! Aware, Alert, Alive and All in!

Easy? HA! Perfect? NEVER?

I note that my last post was the end of JULY 2015… So nearly 6 months away from blogging… 6 months full of fun! I may have mentioned… DD was planning a wedding… Well she planned an amazing wedding, filled with love, laughter and most special family times. She is now married to the BOY! Then we travelled to NYC for T day.. and spent an entire week soaking up the experience of extended family, food and yup, fun! It was a quick recovery before we headed to Champaign for Christmas.. for…. Yup, more family, food and fun!

Toss in some holiday meals, social gatherings and the general melee of life… and there were many many opportunities to lose sight of the trail..

Ok, you just know I took some detours… fell off the cliff…. stopped in at the taverns along the way and yet, have emerged somewhat less chubby than last July..

Not monumentally less chubby, less chubby enough that certain outfits feel the difference, there is a bit of swish as opposed to cling, a bit less awareness of the waistbands…

Well, you ask, just how did that happen?
1. Awareness and reduction of chocolate, most days
2. Awareness and reduction of wine intake, most days
3. Awareness of healthy food groups, focus on protein and good grains… lots of f/v
4. Increase of movement

We’ll talk about all this, however today… movement… I think it was April last year that I started wearing my new FITBIT .. and ramping up the steps… while 10k has remained the goal, many days I hit 15k. The mileage benchmark is now 5 miles a day.. and recently I have been ‘invited’ to join challenges… daily, workweek, weekend… invited by Fee Fee… Fee Fee who is unstoppable, uncatchable…. Phoeey on Fee Fee, Fee Fee…. who infuriates me.. frustrates me… and motivates me to move move move…

AND ON WE GO.. Fee Fee and me… making the journey, staying the course, committed to the outcome…


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  1. Marge Cline permalink

    I am so happy to hear from you again.

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