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…. what are you doing with your life?

July 17, 2015

as a wanderer in this world, I am consistently amazed at the accomplishments of my fellow travelers.. seems to me they are so much more deeply engaged in living…  living every day, every moment… living time, not wasting time..

these observations challenge me to explore more, to be more present, to take more risks… to learn more, to see more…

success is partial… candy crush saga can still grab me as a habit…. better I should meditate on the wonders of my life then on the crashing candies, better I should be looking up and out then into the screen of my cell phone.

living fully is a discipline… a habit…

and…. sigh…. as I am clearly in the last third of my life… not said morbidly, but said with reality, how will I choose to spend this time?

I am healthy, strong, curious, … I write this post to challenge you… and me… to step outside the box, to investigate life fully. to take the time that is allotted and use it … use it for good… to share, to give, to learn, to see, to be.

my mind is racing…. the ideas sparkle.. but can I, will I, should I, must I…. YES!

so for today… this old self is open … open for change, open for adventure, open to engage fully… I’ll keep you ‘posted’!


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  1. Debi permalink

    There is a play up by you at the metropolis. It’s called Moon Over Broadway. We saw it last weekend and it is really fun. It’s a farce and reminiscent of the Marx bros ( very physical comedy and lots of stairs and slamming doors). I highly recommend it for a good laugh. ( we are trying to shake things up and do some different things ).

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