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…chubby cheetah has her groove on

July 17, 2015

oh, she is rockin it…. rollin it… runnin it….  oh oh oh…. go cheetah, go cheetah….

how does that happen?  a groove can be missing for, oh, decades…. and then just show up?… I mean it is not like chubby wasn’t looking for her groove. searching.  begging.  whining.

shhh, let’s keep this fairly quiet, because the thing about grooves is that they can slip away much more quickly than they can be located…

so, let’s define groove!  bell bottoms, granny glasses and a hookah?  NO, silly… that groove was lost many many moons ago!

GROOVE.  to be on plan, to be on plan without a crazy amount of energy, to be on plan on subsequent days (in a row),

so what is on plan?

ON PLAN.  ah, likely different for each cheetah… as it should be… and likely different at different parts of the journey…(cause this sure is a journey).  Plan is usually two parts:  move more, eat less.  (such a crazy concept!)

MOVE MORE.  the thing about this is you actually have to do it.  I mean move and more  are great motivating words, but unless chubby is actually MOVING MORE, they are empty… thus leaving chubby full.  the fulfillment of the phrase is for each of us to determine, based on our abilities, and level of movement.  I move.  I typically walk about 30 miles per week.  walk.  Last week I walked 40 miles….including one two mile run.  This week I am not sure I will make 40 miles, the realities of work and rain or rain and work.  I will do my best, look for opportunities to add steps, which add up to miles… I also worked out with my trainer, she is a meanie…. but truth be told it is up to me… I can push as hard as I decide to push, work the move as deeply as I decide to work the move… and working the workout works…(oh I like how that sounds!)  And, I went to a tough hot yoga class… there are posts on that…. and survived… actually thrived…

EAT LESS. hrrrmph… moving more should make eating less unnecessary!  however it just doesn’t… eat less is about quantity… but really eat less is just as much about what cheetahs eat…. so eating less, but eating chocolate and wine will not work.  hungry cheetahs do not stay in the groove.  eat less brings in quality, variety, nutrition… also includes knowing your bodies needs.  breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper is best for me… fuel up.. tank full … (of the good stuff) and then top it off as needed during the day.

another thing about the ‘groove’… we know it…. we fight it… we learn and relearn it over and over…. once we clear out the sugar we don’t crave it as much… sugar is addictive… as addictive as any other addictive substance…. once cleared does not a lifetime cure make… forget lifetime, once cleared does not a cure make.

phooey… or sigh… or JUST FUFFY!

so… whine ahead…  chubby is moving the needle down, around 5 pounds total…. but, and here comes the whine,  5 pounds is equal to 20 sticks of butter… that is a lot of butter… and chubby know just where the butter is stored…. however the butter storage section is ALWAYS the last section to shrink.. right?  DH has a tummy and no behind… when he loses weight, the first thing to go is the non existent behind, while the tummy holds out to the absolute end.  right?

sigh (it can be the only response to such unfairness)

chubby wants what chubby wants, what does chubby want more?  AH…. What do you want?  What will you do today to make it happen?

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  1. Debi permalink

    You are inspiring (as always). Congrats on the 5 lbs. I am only down 2 lbs but it is all good. The mantra is that I am at a place where I have been for a long time so my body will not give it up easily. I know we can do this! I have been weighing everyday ( at home). I read the research and it seems to help some but not all- just as each journey is different-. Be careful today. It’s supposed to be sunny but very steamy with temps around 90 but feeling much warmer. I am going out for my walking and running soon.

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