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…. chubby cheetah ran nearly two miles…

July 11, 2015

… in a row, at the same time… one step after the other… without stopping!!!  WOW!

ok, slowly, verrrrry slowly…. at the pace of the young man walking ahead of me… (he was YOUNG with LONG legs!)

Enough… chubby ran.. and ran… and ran… DASH ON!  (see post on the Ditka Dash). AND took a stroll around the neighborhood last night with DH,, and hit 18,000 steps for the day AND can move this morning…

ok, maybe a bit sore… a bit stiff…. a couple of small aches….

but overall not bad at all for an old cheetah!  It is tempting to say go cheetah, run again today. however that would be foolish on every front… for sure the cheetah would not be able to move tomorrow… and tomorrow is hot yoga with DD… I mean hot, intense, class lasts for ever yoga.  (with the mostly young and fit crowd)

so today chubby will work in the yard, take a walk and behave on the food front…

the damn food front…

we all know it is more difficult to fight a war on more than one front… and this is a war, against a very determined enemy… the enemy says SIT, EAT, DRINK, REPEAT…. and the enemy has gained ground…

Thus the full court press…. on all fronts.. having tried the tepid, just toss a couple of grenades into the air and see what happens method.   grenades explode in air, chubby remains chubby… it is now time for the real deal…

so, getting there on exercise… step goal for 7 days met in 5… two bonus days ahead… how many steps can the cheetah get?!

and making progress on the food side…. will keep you posted on that..

Are you planning exercise today?  NO?  WHY NOT?

  1. Debi permalink

    Of course I will exercise today BUT will I run-that remains to be seen. I do have a sinus infection and am now on antibiotics (these are horse pills). As soon as the coffee is done there is a dog to walk and during his walk I’ll decide if the sinus headache will allow me to run. Yesterday we walked over 2 miles and he really enjoyed it but my head pounded…If running appears out then I will do the dreaded elliptical machine and not bounce.
    I am so proud of you 2 miles is wonderful! Speed doesn’t matter-you did it!

  2. Woo hoo!
    What is a cheetah baby called? A cheetahette?! I will be working out this morning and then off to a long day of wedding planning : )

  3. Marge Cline permalink

    Good for you!

  4. Wooo! what an effort! well done.

    as for exercise myself, I will be off to the gym tonight… cardio tonight!

    • good for you! I think it is hard to go to the gym at night… many days it is hard to go at anytime! yoga today for me…

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