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… chubby cheetah and the salads…

June 27, 2015

… I ate more than one salad this week.

… actually they have been quite good!

…. and filling

…. who knew?

since what I have been doing has not been removing weight (thanks Kelly for reminding me that we are removing it, not losing it…. because what we ‘lose’, we look for…. and NOONE is looking for weight!!!!), or removing it rapidly enough…. or permanently enough, I decided I needed to rethink.

… salad came to mind.

I don’t eat salad in the winter.. or not much salad anyway… and I can live with that, but there is no reason to not eat salad in the summer.  (Even if it is raining…. and Chicago has become the new Seattle, it rains all the time!)

Salad can be as creative as time and energy to create allow.. Salad can also be purchased and is likely less calorie, nutritionally offensive than other purchased food… such as the chicken soaked in sugar water.

Salad can be a ‘heavy’ meal with protein, carbs galore, or a light meal with veggies galore… or a blend…

Chubby Cheetah is talking herself into more salads…. salad, salad, salad… the mantra for the upcoming week is salad.

after today…

Because today is DD’s first wedding shower!!!! The hostess has purchased 15 bottles of bubbles for 20 people and I have more for the after shower party….  The hostess has hired a well known Chicago chef to create an amazing lunch and I have a full out cheese plate for the after shower party.  (Thanks DD and DIL for teaching me about cheese plates, there is an art to the cheese, to the jelly, to the nuts, chocolate and dried fruit, along with crackers…… and bubbly)

So the shower starts at noon and is likely to go until midnight…. or later, depending on whether Lush in Lakeview or Weiner Circle in maybe Edgewater are involved….


I can do this.. I can do this without eating all day long.. I can taste, I can sip, I can find a way to get some steps… (it has been a very good week with steps, I don’t want to give back the pace)

and I can also say that the pounds chubby cheetah is looking to remove did not arrive yesterday and will not leave today… it is about every day… and today is to be enjoyed…. savored… and tomorrow is another day…. another beginning, another first day of the rest of the improve chubby cheetah project..

and it starts with yoga at Namaskar in Lakeview…..

and on we go..

What is your favorite salad?  What is your best recovery after a really foodie day secret?


From → Chubby Cheetah

  1. Debi permalink

    You have 5 hours this morning and it isn’t raining- take a nice long walk.
    After that -relax and enjoy yourself. You have waited a long time for this- you don’t want to be so worried about food that you don’t have fun.
    For the day after- chicken in the crockpot with salsa ( it’s also good with salads and can be used for tostadas which only needs one corn tortilla and some added black beans). Also lots of veges.

    • so instead, I got my hair cut at 7am, picked up David’s wedding cake top from friends freezer at 8am, loaded car with more of david’s wedding gifts at 9am, drove to city, went to shower house at 10am…. and …. got home sunday at 3pm, to go out to dinner at 5:30pm…. amazing weekend, but little time for self… going to crockpot chicken as soon as I hopefully save the crockpot from the washing machine leak/flood!

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