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…. Did I tell you we are having another wedding?!

June 14, 2015

hmmm, DD is getting married!!!!

this fall!

to her amazing BF of nearly 9 years.  so fun!

He had the ring for months, kept it hidden, didn’t drop a hint to DD… and waited… waited til he graduated, til he took his bar exam, til DD’s brother’s wedding was over..

and then.. he took her on vacation, on a bike ride, into the woods… and dropped to one knee…

and a family they will be.  A family right away as Cooper the cat is integral to their lives .. and spaces..

well all of that excitement happened last summer… and now it is this summer, and wedding planning is in full swing.. venues, flowers, photographers, … all done..

we are into the details… there are really a lot of details to a wedding….!

we are overwhelmed with details, so today we sit down to make sure we have a list of all the details, and a plan for all of the details.

We will have assignments, to do lists, we are gathering, ordering, creating,… and grinning…

Because DD is marrying the love of her life, a most wonderful choice… and we are excited, thrilled, and filled with joy as we help with the plans for their wedding.

And DS is married to the love of his life… nearly a year… settling in, and we are excited thrilled and filled with joy as we watch their lives unfold

So come this fall, DH and I will truly be empty nesters… well empty nesters of people, I don’t think we will ever be empty nesters of their stuff…..

and that leaves us with possibilities…. yup, possibilities…. we could convert spaces into extra dens, hobby rooms, stadium seating, …. or…. hang on,….. hold out…. and hope….

I think the rainbow room will translate beautifully into a nursery.  cribs, changing tables, toys, books… and a rocking chair..

time will tell.. and until then I will continue to love and adore my family every day… and be thankful for Cooper the cat and the eventual Sproodle.. who is on order or on hold, but planned for city life with DS!


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  1. I’d make the rainbow room a knitting room first ; )
    So much for that list!

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