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… chubby cheetah is back from NYC

June 11, 2015

…. and I couldn’t tell you I was there because it was for a surprise party!   Hello dear cousin who follows this blog!!!!!!!

If eating in Chi town can be difficult, eating in the big apple is less about apples and more about deli, nosh, pizza, bagels, bialies, black and white cookies, and other yummy bakery goods!  OH, and served with lots of wine, beer, and scotch!

Served daily, multiple times per day, in NYC size portions, and generally without benefit of fruits or vegetables… except as a garnish!

I will say many steps were taken in NYC…. but not enough to cover the above mentioned food categories!

So,…. with that being said…. I DID GREAT!    I partook in every category mentioned above… (so where is the great?)

Portions and frequency made all the difference… I ate what I wanted that I deemed worthwhile…. not every meal was portion controlled… dinner at our dear foodie friends found me surrounded by beef, amazing beef, steak like I have not eaten in decades… TWO rib eye steaks …. and some filet mignon as well…. preceded by chocolate covered everything and followed by donuts the size of my home…. sigh

It was so worth it…. I believe I was full for two days…. and I can still recall each mouthful of that amazing day…

the rest of the days I paid close attention to my choices, sampling and dabbling, digging deep into menus for veggies… drinking lots of water and limiting adult bevvies…

I even watched my car trip food… generally a wonderful place for excusiology… I’m in the car for 12 hours, poor me, I might get tired, I had better have enough sugar, salt, oil to save myself…. this trip, fruit, sandwiches, hard candy…. and a few salty chippy things… for emergencies!

Results?  up one pound… and that pound within my bounce range.  Do you have a bounce range?  mine is about 4 pounds… hit the high end and tighten up right away, hit the low end… and eat chocolate..

the goal is to lower the bounce range, to dig below the low, and reset the high…

so far… limited progress…. however the high has been capped, topped, defined!

And the belief that the bottom can be lowered is growing…  3 days back and I am near the bottom of the bounce range…

Well, I am back and will be rambling on, sharing my journey…. Let’s talk!


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  1. Debi permalink

    Awesome job! It sounds like you made it more about the people and less about the food and enjoyed those things that are not available all the time!
    I always consider 1 lb for a vacation (even a mini one) a perfect amount.
    I am in the same boat as you-I am always struggling to lower my bottom number and that seems to elude me however I do manage to stay in my range most of the time and if I hit the top number the brakes really come on.

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