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…. a true story

June 11, 2015

a work friend mentioned that he goes to the $3 car wash…. the sub question being ‘why in the world did you just pay $13 for a car wash?’

Trust me, it is not that I think the $13 car wash is so vastly superior to the $3 variety…. it is that I cannot, may not, EVER AGAIN go into a $3 carwash.


Because the last  time I did, taking my DD’s car in for a treat wash, I drove over the side of the guide lines and wedged her car between the rails and the wall of the car wash building…

Clearly this was a problem.

I exited the car, not easily as it was wedged on the drivers side, and went to notify  the gentleman running the combo gas station, car wash.

He did not take it well.

There were harsh words, well I think they were harsh, I could only hear the tone, the language was foreign to me… and some leaping about….


So, I called  a tow truck…. to remove the wedged car, I knew it would be expensive… our insurance has towing, but I was not anxious to explain this to our dear State Farm agent and inquire whether car wash removal was covered.

the tow truck arrived with two young men, who went into the car wash building, studied the situation… and emerged… saying..

‘Lady, there is no way we can tow this car out of this car wash.  We would have to take down the building.’

Hmmm, I was pretty sure State Farm would not be wanting to cover taking down and rebuilding a car wash…  And I was also pretty sure that DD would want her car back…

That left only one choice.. call DH… oh big sigh…

‘Good morning DH’, I said, ‘How are you today?  Would you be able to leave work…. and drive about 5 miles over to the gas station? WHY? Oh, well, because my car seems to be stuck in the car wash.’

To his credit, he really is a DH, he  drove over, he did not yell or leap about…. he entered the car wash, studied the situation… and decided that he would put the car in gear, hit the gas hard and get that car back over the rail… He was pretty sure that the tire, a new one, would be destroyed, and the wheel might be ripped off the car… yet he still did not yell or leap.  I so appreciated that!

The story has a good ending, the fix worked, the car jumped back into the track, no damage… and the day continued…

After recounting the story to my work friend, he informed me that car washes now have an overhead mirror so you can see your wheel going into the track, or not….. that seems like a wonderful idea, but I am not going to risk it… nope.


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  1. Debi permalink

    $3 for a car wash. Ours ( even at the gas station start at about $8! For $5 ( no extras ) I can go to a better one but always spending $10 plus a tip but it does a much better job.

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