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….. chubby cheetah rocks Tuesday…

May 27, 2015

whoever rocks a Tuesday?… it is likely the most insignificant day of the week, just hanging out, nowhere, not the middle… nor the end… just Tuesday!


I walked over 15,000 steps

I ate salad for dinner… I think I hate salad, I guess I don’t really hate salad, I hate what salad represents… you are too fat to eat real food. Salad for you sister… more on that in a bit


I put a header on my blog, all by myself, my photo, uploaded, downloaded, cropped and centered (I do know that is not chubby cheetah related, but anything that gives me positive goose bumps has to be good for the chubby cheetah journey, right?!)


I had no chocolate, I just remembered that…. I got through the day, not only without chocolate, without pining for chocolate, without thinking continuously about chocolate… I thought so little of chocolate, I didn’t even realize I didn’t have any…. oh progress, bring it on!

BUT, back to the salad…. we have oh so many wonderful restaurants in chi town, one of them is Wildfire… been around for awhile, not cheap, always packed… I mean packed as in line out the door, on a Tuesday…. workers, friends, parties, families…. good food… lots of food, calorie loaded food, crusted, broasted, dipped… you get the picture… so, 4 girl friends who get together every couple of months, gathered round the table… and ordered salad… In my defense I was not ‘following’, I had determined salad all by myself after reviewing all menu items in detail… and I ordered first… so salad it was… lettuce based… salad.


Dressing on the side, of course, I kept the avocado.. good for you… and dug in…. It was good!  Really good!  sheesh. I will have to order more of these salad things…

Because, let’s be brutally honest, it was still a SALAD… but this morning the scale has taken a downward nose dive… downward… in my life, after a later dinner eaten out, the scale most typically is not nose diving…. or even flatlining, it is an up up up…. salt, I tell myself, but really, all the stories in the world do not mask UP…. UP is mentally devastating, likely to require chocolate as part of the healing process… and in general.. not conducive to a good day.

I am so pleased…. I am nearly giggly with pleased… I am so pleased that even the sight of another gray day with rain expected is not dimming my vibe… I am vibrant!

battle won, war just engaged…. today I head to a client for the day.  They own…….. restaurants…… good restaurants, and, provide lunch, sautéed, oiled, buttered, and beyond yummy…  argggh….

It is an indoor day, going to be tough to get the required steps…. what is a chubby cheetah to do?

work it girlfriend, bring fruit, veggies, no one can complain about that, bring my own salad, one of those Asian things with kale from the grocer, drink a lot of water, and take 10 minute breaks for short walks…. break it down…

pick up a veggie tray, easy to eat fruit

get the salad in a bag, enough to share

bring a large water bottle filled with ice

don’t neglect the breaks….

and remember how awesome the nose dive felt….

What is your plan for the day… and…. can you see my new header?

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