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…. this is a test….

May 26, 2015

I believe I have added a header to my blog…

my own photo header to my blog…

uploaded from my phone to my computer

uploaded from my computer to my blog

the photo shows on the prior post

will it show on a new post?

Have I really added a header to my blog?

If so, the future is so bright… who knows what might happen next….

…. so let’s give it a try…



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  1. Noreen permalink

    No header, no photo, but don’t gi be up!

  2. I think my email followers are not getting the header…
    could you one time go to and see if it is there?

    but I get headers on other email blogs, so do have to try and figure that out…

    and HELLO! all good here, wedding plans abounding and David bought a house in the city… moving out of the closet and taking his crate and barrel distribution center from my basement, there will be a blog on that!

    • Noreen permalink

      I can see the header on this site but I just read from my email so no problem!

  3. I can see a header!!! This made me laugh 🙂 😀

    • ooee, it is our backyard firepit… lighting the fire within…. ah the joys of the technically challenged finding success! How is your day going?

      • Gabrielle permalink

        My name is going “not not great” 😉 Losing weight has to be one of the most difficult challenges…. ever!!! (maybe a slight exaggeration) How is your day going ? 🙂

      • early here! 7:30am, so I have a lot of day left!!! starting with a smoothie, always a good beginning.. I agree… hardest thing ever, because we have to eat… stop smoking, you stop smoking, you never smoke again… eating? every day!

      • Gabrielle permalink

        Yea – that is it addicted to food – something I need every day! It is 2pm here!! work day near over 😮 Love your blogs btw…such a good read!!

      • Thank you! Hard to bare my soul sometimes! really like the trust I am finding!… and therefore the HOPE… heading toward BELIEF!

  4. Name :/ I meant day haa… see im losing it ?

    • ha, I thought game, not name! cause it is a big deal game going on here… and we are in it to win it!

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