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…. chubby cheetah starts a new week

May 26, 2015


this time on a Tuesday… due to the holiday weekend….

There are likely those who actually would still start their week on Monday, or whatever other day they start their weeks, but somehow it is Tuesday and another week is ‘beginning’.

In review, one change that that worked very well last week was adding spinach to my smoothies. The spinach did not change the flavor, but seemed to make the smoothie more filling.. and keep the hunger demons at bay for a longer period of time.

Another adjustment over the weekend, was not finishing a bottle of beer…. I like beer, especially summer shandy and blue moon… after about 1/2 to 3/4 of the bottle, I have had enough.  Generally I would finish it anyway… that old upbringing about waste, this weekend I poured the balance out… without regret, without guilt… go cheetah, go cheetah…. ooeee!

Of course review must also review the other side, the things that did not go so well…. I was not as active on Sunday and Monday as I could have/should have/might have been.  Weather, schedules, inertia and a fabulous book all played a part…

and I discovered this bar of chocolate, hmmm, a most exquisite bar of chocolate, from Trader Joe’s…. it is no more.

I will balance that with the Dove chocolate pieces that are still in the bowl.  There were more days without chocolate than with chocolate…  and there is no more chocolate bar from Trader Joes to tempt!

So, what does this week bring?  Opportunity for healthy eating and active lifestyle… oh, just like every week!  What am I going to do with this week?

Walk, go to the gym, eat well, manage chocolate….continue the journey… I’ll start today with a morning walk, a healthy breakfast and a good attitude.

It is a social week, with several dinners and a charity gala planned… the dinners are about the friends, and the gala is about supporting a good cause with good friends… food can be managed, handled, tasted and moved beyond.. I’ll keep you posted on that one!  ‘free food’ is especially dangerous for the cheetah….

and on we go!


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  1. Debi permalink

    Yay to not finishing the beer. Just because it’s in front of us we don’t have to eat ( or drink) it! I have STOPPED buying any larger bars of chocolate- once broken it calls to me every time I walk by. I have only so much willpower.

  2. its a new day…lets make it the best one we can as we will never get it back….wonderful blog post…PS, i miss drinking beer a lot also 😦

    • ah, the first one of the rest of our life, trite and true… so let’s do…. forget the past…. check out keeping food in the friend zone….

      • …….lets do it….forget the past (it wont ever return for a do over) and get on with it…. you are so right ☻

      • so it is one day, one decision at a time.. how did yesterday go?

      • hey there…it went well…i am def in better spirits and a better frame of mind..the dr did the xray on my band and it looks GREAT so that is a good thing..and i got a small fill so maybe that will give me a bit of restriction when eating…being a huge overeater…one doesnt get to nearly 350 pounds by only eating a wee amount…so the band def helped me with that…now i just need to be back to eating better and i its little steps..

        this week i am just focused on eating…what i am eating and the amount and be aware of it..

        next week, i will start to include def more exercise …

        one decision at a time
        i like that sentence you used

        thanks for checking in on me friend

      • oh how fun! good news indeed! I read a lot of Buddhist writings… pema chodron, is one of my favorites…. it is so about being where we are, experiencing now, not yesterday, not tomorrow… and you are doing that… concentrating on one thing… hurray for you! I will say I have been reading for 10 years…. and still eat too much chocolate, seems not to be a simple fix…. but what is?!!!! ENJOY today… we are going to have sunshine!!!

      • sunshine and hot here but its the glorious south which i love…i am more of a snack…potato chips and crackers…not much into sweets but i def curtail those excess calories and salt but i dont deprive..

        what is the pema chodron? is it a poem?
        i love what you wrote about so very true. it is about today/now. i cant go back to yesterday….or last week or december but i can do today…..

        enjoying today……and some soft food for lunch…..whoooo hoooo

      • she is a Buddhist monk and writes the best little readable books. see if your library has them…. all about just relaxing, dropping the story line and living….

  3. Managing chocolate is always tricky. Keep it up!

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