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….fitness aps have taken over our lives..

May 19, 2015

…. it started over a decade ago with a pedometer…. and a goal, 10,000 steps per day.  Those early pedometers were a mess, dropping steps, falling off, flushing, burning batteries, but they began our addiction to ‘knowing’.  Knowing just how active we are.  Or aren’t.  Seems like the next generation added miles as well as steps… distance covered.

I kept a paper log of my daily steps and miles, along with my miles biked… I was ‘training’.

Then I added a heart rate monitor, the old school one, with a sticky smelly strap and a monitor that had to be sent to the manufacturer when it needed a battery… an expensive battery, nearly 1/2 the cost of the original monitor batter.  Plus postage.

But I needed to know my heart rate, my target heart rate, how quickly my heart would slow at the end of exercise.  I was ‘training’.

The heart rate monitors piled up, sans batteries… and the active link controlled my movement, a feisty piece of equipment it allowed me to enter activities other than walking and get ‘credit’ for them… biking, yoga, zumba all became part of my daily mission.  Along with this came an electronic PC based AP that gave me information aggregated by week, month, year, my lifetime…. I really could see how my ‘training’ was going.  Or not.

Then came FITBIT… small, accurate, synced to my phone.. I knew every moment how many steps, miles, active minutes… and I could sync in with My Fitness Pal and record food as well.

I have walked over 2,500 miles since clipping on FITBIT.. I have badges, awards… FITBIT knows I am ‘training’.

With each of my monitors, I have added control over my workouts, and lost other information… Where is the ap that has it all?

My latest acquisition….(thank you DS and DD) is FITBIT HR… now I know my heart rate easily without a sticky strap, I know my steps and miles… the number of floors climbed… calories burned… and my sleep efficiency… Really!  I am connected to the ap on my PC and the ap on my phone and the apparatus on my wrist… It is a wonder I have time to do anything else.

You would think that by now I would be trained… totally and fully trained… Well, I am trained, trained to believe that I cannot be fit without a multitude of information providing gizmos and programs!  As far as the other training?  Still a work in progress.

Do you wear a monitor?


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  1. Debi permalink

    What an awesome present!! I have a fitbit one. Yours is the Mercedes!

    • hmmm, it was 4 months late, so they got a lovely discount! I think the Mercedes is also a heart rate monitor…. too big and clunky….an interesting new way to keep my attention to my movement!

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