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……chubby cheetah is thinking things over….

May 11, 2015

There were some chocolate successes last week, with success defined as less chocolate ingested.  there were no epic chocolate failures last week… progress.

.. it was not all easy go on the chocolate front, less/no chocolate consumed during the day, some good self talk with regard to chocolate choices, no chocolate purchased at either Costco or Woodmans… so the inventory is dwindling…

..dwindling more slowly due to the moratorium limits, but dwindling…

one day, yesterday, chocolate intake was above moratorium limits, consciously chosen, enjoyed… and regretted… things known are relearned, sometimes eating chocolate is not about the chocolate at all… are you with me on this?

..eating chocolate could be more about:  boredom, frustration, excitement, happiness, sadness, laziness, habit, location, … what else?

new day, new week, new goals… chocolate is a symptom of less than ‘perfect’ eating… chocolate is a habit that encourages other like habits, or at least blocks some better habits… to deal with chocolate, is to face the whole bucket of food/eating demons. I ready?  I would love to scream YES, but I am going to go for honesty and settle for …more ready than I have been…

Spring is easier for me, I detest cold salads in the winter, I love fresh fruits and veggies in the spring/summer.  Wardrobe helps, wardrobe is more revealing of what is actually under the clothing in warmer weather, less sweaters, sweatshirts etc.

… an aside, of course it is still freezing in chi town today… so nothing will be revealed!

back to topic….. exercise goals are easier with the outdoors more available for biking and walking…

sigh, and one final truth… when I am really serious about food intake, I WRITE IT DOWN… all of it… I can tell myself as many stories as I want to, but the absolute truth of the matter is that when I am serious about food intake and control thereof, I WRITE IT DOWN.

In my world exist many options for writing it down… recently the most effective has been ‘my fitness pal’.  I have been ‘raised’ on points and know them to be effective, however there is something to be said for actual calorie counts… knowing the calories of that banana.  Another good choice is to eat only real food, from the real food groups… effective but challenging during social times.

So, what do I want… I want to lose 10 pounds, eat chocolate, sit on the coach, be strong and fit, drink beer, have good blood values, … hey, chubby cheetah, what do you want more?

new week, I am going for the health and weight loss…. I’ll keep you posted.

What are your goals for this week?

  1. Debi permalink

    I am writing everything down also. A wise woman once told me that if it isn’t worth writing then it isn’t worth eating! I am also trying to stick to all power foods. I’m not a huge fan but I have to say it stops the blts. The extra running is a side effect of warmer weather and makes me happy so I will continue it. I also need to get back to my lift and pump class at the health club- it’s fun-I have friends there and it makes my arms look better.
    Good luck on your weekly goals!!

  2. to get healthy!!!!
    thanks for all the fresh fruits and soup!

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