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…. moving into my bicycle…. again…

May 1, 2015

…. I love my bicycle!  It is a hybrid, fairly wide tires, comfy seat, with the shock absorbing stuff built in… It is a soft sweet green… accessorized in pink…  It is in the garage, smack in the middle, waiting to go to the bike store for the spring tune up.  the bike rack is on my car, the bungee cords are nearby… and bike season is about to begin…

May 1st, today is the day…. I love my bike, I love biking, but I do not love biking in the cold, the rain, the sleet, the wind…. Ya, you are getting the picture, I am a fair weather biker!

And as of today, I decree, fair weather has arrived!  Last summer was a biking bust for me…. between schedule, weather, some aches and pains, and a bit of inertia, I am forced to say.. my bike and I did not spend any time together at all…

This year will be different!  Memories of biking the 4 miles to work, 7 miles to the gym, 10 miles around the neighborhood and 15 miles out to the trail and back, are tugging me back.  I am going to remove the clip pedals though…. I know that they provide a more energy efficient pedal stroke, but I have forgotten that I am ‘clipped in’ just one too many times… and I am tired of laying on the ground at the side of the road, blood streaming… embarrassed and sore, as concerned citizens stop to see if the old lady will survive… Since I have not yet broken anything (pooh, pooh), my intent is to keep it that way and bike inefficiently through my world, observing as desired!

I do not bike rapidly… likely 10-12 miles per hour… which is a lovely pace for me, however it has precluded me from joining the local bike clubs as their ‘slow rides’ are more at the 12-14 miles per hour.  That may not sound like much of a difference, but think about miles per hour, if I am at 10 and they are at 14… at the end of an hour long ride, I am 4 miles to the rear!

So, I will start on my own… working to gain distance.. and consider doing bike the drive with my DD… she has ‘bikeS’ and can do any pace at all…. including triathalon pace!

hmmm, do I need, want to set a biking goal this for this season?  I think that I do, but first let me get the bike tuned up, get on the bike, ride the bike, see where I am starting… and THEN make my season predictions…

I’ll be back with updates… Are you a bike rider?  What do you enjoy most about riding?


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