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saltalternatives…… on a sunday….

April 19, 2015

not some crazy new non salt food additive… but a spa, an actual spa… with a ‘salt cave’ as a component!  Hurray for Groupon to provide interesting new options for optimizing health… at an attractive price… attractive enough to get Jen and I to Geneva Illinois at 8:30 on a Sunday morning after a late night, minimal sleep, and an hour plus drive (for me)….

We started with a free one hour guided meditation that stretched our bodies, included a lovely bit of yoga practice and shavasana and then opened our bodies and hearts with guided meditation.  We were supported mentally and physically by our leader as we sat relaxed and open to the energy of our universe…

Then we moved into the actual salt cave filled with Himalayan salt which provides 84 minerals and is actually good for you!  The floor and back wall were covered in Himalayan salt, while a high tech grinder and blower optimized the salt in the air as we sat in the darkened room for 45 minutes… ‘good for what ails you!’, this salt therapy is gaining credence in the world of science, with COPD sufferers coming twice a week, and others entering the cave weekly to aid with congestion, sinus issues and allergies.

Then we settled into the meditation room, which is open to all, serene and comfortable as you await a treatment or just relax for a bit from your overscheduled life.

The owner is an amazing young woman who leads the spa with passion and belief in alternative treatments.  She comes to this science from direct experience.  The spa continues from  the salt cave into the salt pod, where you can relax in water heated to your body temperature and infused with 900 pounds of salt.  You float, and if you have the courage to shut the pod top and turn out the light you will lose track of where you body ends and the water begins….

From there you can sit in an infared light room, which infuses warmth to the cell level, have a regular or thai massage, acupuncture, reiki, or consult with the staff holistic doctor and  receive treatments and massages with natural oils….

All of this in a beautiful setting with the most amazing wall of plants growing out of what appears to be canvas bags… juice bar to come!

Hmm, I sound like a commercial… I am not, I am intrigued, ..curious, and deciding which service to try next..  the salt pod has to be on the list… and then …. ?


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  1. Marge Cline permalink

    Sounds interesting and what a great way to spend the day.

  2. Debi permalink

    Wow. Sounds like a wonderful, relaxing day and Jen is the perfect person to experience it with.

  3. she is…. there is a groupon for the salt cave… pretty amazing! and then of course we went to Geneva for lunch and the spice house…. !!!!

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