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the cheetah is still chubby….

November 18, 2013

the unoffical wedding photos prove that fact… so did the size tag of the really cute new dress the chubby cheeetah wore to the wedding,  but the tag can be  easily discounted due to variations in manufacturers sizing…. Actual photos, not so easy to discount..


What is clear is that the chubby cheetah was having one FINE time at the wedding, the cheetah and family did not leave the dance floor, the music was major dance worthy, the joy was pulsing throughout the room, and the combination of family and extended carpool family celebrating together was very special.


Add to that the humor of the cheetah family stuffed into one car, arriving in a rain storm , basically rolling out of the back seat… the cheetah’s skirt billowing while the umbrella re-opened under the cheetah’s skirt… not really our most classy appearance at an event!  More humor at the after party and then all of Sunday to be together..


I do digress from the facts of the matter, the chubbiness of the chubby cheetah… yet that is the balance, one can wallow in dispair… agonizing over the cheetah chubbiness, or………..


one, and this one does, can choose to smile sweetly at the adorableness of grown children and sig others, rolling out of bed for round one, brekkie and the newspaper…. gathered around the table, grabbing ad circulars and gently bickering while downing bacon, bagels, lox, and egg souffle…


followed, of course, by round two…. fruit, crackers and hummus… enhanced with storm drama, over excited news posts demanding that all go to the lower level wearing helmets, or at least putting books over ones heads….  Here, it is important to realize that this was a major storm system causing intense damage,…. yet before that was known… the cheetah’s family was wearing hard hats, bicycle helmets… and ‘cowering’ under the dining room table, all to raucus commentary, while one of the NYC cousins was debating flying into the Chi town… always a risky venture, and clearly not a good way to get to the middle east on a storm filled afternoon…


followed by round three…. buffalo chilli…. oh YUM… see recipe on luv what you do ( wordpress blog) or the pintrest acount of (what is your pintrest account name, DD?).  chubby cheetah managed rounds one and two, including a moderately embarrassing moment of running into an acquaintance at the bagel store, only embarrassing due to the red fur lined boots, flannel snowflake pants and red parka that adorned the cheetah at the bagel store.  round three featured family involvement, browning turkey, bash and chopping carrots and celery… stirring in spices and hot sauce, rinsing beans and filling the crock pot to the top with tasty ingredients, left to simmer for hours while observing weather, watching football and welcoming friends…


followed by round four… birthday pie, icecream and cookies…. sigh.

and all of this before 4!


so the cheetah is still chubby. 


today is a new day, a new week, a new opportunity to focus, refocus…  How do you recover from a weekend of food and fun?


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  1. Debi permalink

    I usually go straight to SF and focus on PFs. It seems to work because after that kind of weekend it is really easy to keep eating too much. This way I am eating foods that will help me to get back to my normal eating (also going to work helps a lot-hence one of the reasons that retirement is definitely NOT for me at this point).

    Right now I am trying to be soooo careful-with aerobic exercise taken out of the equation-I don’t want to take any chances-it’s really hard too as we all feel sorry for ourselves when something happens to us and what a good excuse to eat!

    As a wise friend once said to me NO excusiology!

  2. This morning I went to yoga and planned a healthy week of eating!

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