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heart disease…. in women….

November 9, 2013

This week I learned the difference between mortality and morbidity…


mortality is pretty clear…. dead.


mortality from heart disease is diminishing.


however, morbidity is dramatically increasing, especially in women..  morbidity… from morbid? 



adjective \ˈmȯr-bəd\

: relating to unpleasant subjects (such as death)

: not healthy or normal


morbidity used medically refers to living with symptoms of disease.  Actually, morbidity is likely more difficult than mortality.  Dead is dead, may be tough on those left behind, but infinitely easier to be done than to be suffering… And women with heart disease suffer.  Suffer daily with symptoms ranging from slightly annoying to life devastating.


Why am I bringing up such an unpleasant(morbid) subject… Because for the majority of women heart disease is avoidable.  Avoidable by lifestyle adjustments.


We all know that lifestyle adustments are not easy, review the chubby cheetah section of this blog!, however life lived will versus life lived in morbidity seems to bring focus to a fairly clear choice.


Heart disease in women is epidemic…. stroke in women is epidemic with increased numbers of women between 35 and 54 having strokes.. this age group is the fastest growing group of stroke victims.




With lifestyle change.


And what is the first, likely most important lifestyle change needed?  Healthy weight…. Obesity increases risk for heart disease and stroke.  Dramatically.


I do not bring a science background to this discussion… I don’t know the medical details of heart disease in women… Yet, clearly healthy life choices, including diet and exercise are critical issues in avoiding heart disease.


Like so many things, knowing and doing can be on opposite sides of a vast chasm.   Once we know, we are closer to the opportunity for the doing.  February is Red Dress month..  Let’s not wait until February to educate ourselves and those we love about heart disease in women. 


Make a choice today to live a healthier life style, eat better and move more… Pick one small change and follow through.  Pass these thoughts forward to those you care about… encourage friends and family to adopt healthier methods of cooking, better food choices and regular exercise.









One Comment
  1. Debi permalink

    A great reminder especially as the over indulgenses are about to begin (or for some have already). A few smarter choices during the holidays can make a huge difference for all of us.

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