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chubby cheetah is making progress, but not this week!…..

October 31, 2013

It was the cookies, warm, soft, 7 flavors… served at 3pm at a seminar, a boring tax seminar.. in the middle of the ethics section…. scent wafting through the room…. I choose two… I ate two.. all of them, every crumb… I wanted more… fortunately the other 239 attendees had designs on the cookies as well, the cookies were demolished, more were set out… and instantly devoured…. so only two cookies for me!  Two more than I needed, two more than were necessary…. and only two due to the intense demand and the potential embarrassment of pushing through the crush to acquire more cookies, when some had  none…

That was yesterday… today it was a space issue, there was chocolate in the same space as me… and then there was chocolate in me…

I am done, it is over… I am having tea tonight, not my usual square of chocolate, there can be no square of chocolate when multiple hersheys kisses have gone internal.

One wonders how after really truly weeks of solid adhereance to healthy eating, such abborations could occur… And why one slip can easily lead down the slippery slop to sloth….

I will give myself credit, I did not have any bagels or worse, donuts at the seminar…. I did stop eating hersheys kisses before they were all gone…. 

it is the give myself credit that will pull me up from the depths of sugar despair, and give me the courage to go forward… tomorrow is another day, a fresh day, there is fruit, vegatables, a baked potato, leftover fish from lunch today.. I am not without resources… I can be saved!!!

OH, it was only two days.. only a few moments on each of two days… OH… it was not nearly as bad as I told myself… nor am I as weak, bad or as big a failure as I was getting ready to drown in….

Just Fuffy!!!!

And on I go….


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  1. Debi permalink

    No negative talk-we should not and Cannot beat ourselves up over a little slip -neither one or both together negates all the hard work you have done and will not make a difference over the long haul-remember lifestyle not diet!!!

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