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passwords… bah humbug…

August 31, 2013

Sheesh…. I would be here blogging away if it were not for the crazy world of passwords…. set, reset,  used that one too recently…. wait for the email, not strong enough…. AND THEN… the bug a boo of my password world… something in the computer says… this password does not match the one stored in your computer, should we change it… YES, please change it and then..

the wiggle wiggle wiggle of the sign in screen indicating you have failed AGAIN, much like the failure to pass level 121 on Candy Crush Saga, I am reduced to a mound of frustration.. there are no humans in the world of computers, blog administration or candy crush saga… so here I sit, what to do next, try again, reset, retry, wait for my ‘lives’ to aggragate for the next round of level 121….

……and look at the clock, realize how much time has gone by, how many things I must accomplish… sip some more coffee, simmer… discuss with self the absolute nonsense of simmering, attempt to cool down…. check the weather… take a deep breath…   and RANT!

But let’s get on with it, because time is passing… as it always does… and we need to chat…

DH is leaving…. leaving on a jet plane, not leaving me, leaving town for 9, count them, 9 days…. hmmmm, my coupons are packed… I’m staying behind with just my coupons for company…. can you see it… we leave in just a few hours…. I will drive him to the airport on my way to work.

He has been packing for weeks… spreading stuff about as he refines his choices… it will be a vaca for DH, however it is also a trip of great love and kindness as he heads to Florida to spend the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah with his father… (see wonderful posts on Grandpa Al, age 101) Grandpa is no slouch, he calls daily to instruct his youngest son, age 65, on the activities of the time together, on the requirements to be fulfilled, of the meals to be eaten, of the errands to be run.  Grandpa is excited, his voice is strong… he is an amazing wonderful take life as it comes, live every day fully, kind of guy… and yet it has to be lonely at times, no longer travelling, his world smaller than it once was… and now, here comes DH or DS (depending on who is referring to him)  to celebrate, to stay for more than a week… to have important times and quiet times and just times sitting by the pool.

Hurray for DH and Hurray for ME…. I will miss him, be ready for him to return, and yet today the anticipation of shopping rules.  It is not about overspending it is about overtiming, wandering, looking… absorbing the sites, sounds and feel of the stores, the merchandise and the possibility… because where there are coupons, there is alwasy possibility!

And then, it is time with DS, D future DIL, DD and D grandkitty…. hmmmm….

tomorrow I head to the city to walk, shop, attend jazz fest… and .. wait for it… go with D future DIL to LOOK AT WEDDING DRESSES!!!!!!  Sweet!

Sigh, Happy sigh…..

Of course there are challenges, one of the days I will be riding my bike next to DD while she runs her 20 mile training run for the marathon… it is my pleasure, a solid 3 hours together, supporting her as she stretches her limits…. getting a good bike ride in for myself, however after the 16 miler, I know that I am in for it… can you imagine, DD has such good aerobic fitness that she talked for the ENTIRE 16 miles of our run?!!!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I love every minute of it… but it is quite an experience!!!!

I think I will cook a bit, get ready for some new fall recipes, the newest cooking lite has many pages tabbed back for tasty new dishes… DH is a bit of a bore in the food department…  I plan to walk, and/or bike each day…

Last week I walked over 35 miles according to my FITBIT… this week, I am close, but I forgot to wear it one day… so my computer records won’t match my achievement….

I want to go to the Botanical Garden, a movie, maybe a concert…. read…. blog…

Well, what a ramble… no theme here… just a wound up morning of words, thoughts…. and now time to move forward…. head out the door… my coupon bag is packed… I have a snack…

I love life!!!!


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