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backyards in summertime……

August 25, 2013

End of August and the livin is easy… backyard gatherings, cold beer, awesome food, good friends and a dog or two for entertainment…  When the home dog is named Miller, after the beer, you know all will be well!  Miller was so glad the group of girls who work together and their attached husbands came over to play!  He joyously welcomed everyone, checked out the food choices, munched on a few ice cubes and then went next door to see if his doggie friends were available.  They were ready to come out, although it took their humans a bit to realize it was ‘game on’ the on the back yard!  We enjoyed Miller’s patience and the view of the lab in the window, red ball in mouth…. awaiting play time!

Meanwhile we sat comfortably sipping adult bevvies, nibbling amazing appetizers and catching up with the stories of our lives.  This was our 3rd gathering.. a newer group, but now not so new, the review of names on the ride over went well, the conversation immediately comfortable and the laughter relaxed and genuine…

Actually, hours flew by as we nibbled and then moved inside for a beautilfully served meal and more conversation.  Topics were explored, of course there was time for the ladies to lament the latest insanities of the shared corporate world, and then stories abounding, gentle teasing generating more laughter… and a fabulous dessert..  The day ended, the next day began as the group chatter contintued…  Miller gave it up, organized the pillows on the sofa to his liking and took a nap!

What started as an experiment.. could the attached husbands survive a night out with the wives work buddies, appears to be working well… 3 down, 2 to go… and likely a tradition beginning….  and off we go!




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  1. For a moment I thought you were talking about our BBQ and then I remembered that we had a cat and not a dog : )

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