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grandpa is released from the heart study….

August 9, 2013

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at 101 years old, Grandpa has been released as a participant in the 5 year heart valve study!  Aged 96, he lost consciousness in the Publix parking lot and was transported to the hospital.  Diagnosis; genetic failing aortic heart valve.  The initial doctor explained this to him with the comment that at his age, he would just ‘fade away’…

fortunately another doctor was on duty, chatted with Grandpa and realized that fade away was not part of Grandpa’s life plan, nor was he anywhere near fadesville.  Dr. G explored options, found a study at the University of Miami and secured a place for Grandpa.

Best case would have him randomized for the non surgical valve replacement, much like angioplasty.  Grandpa was not selected for the non invasive procedure and would face full out heart surgery at age 96.  He didn’t have to think about it, risk trumps fadesville every time!  Grandpa’s 3 children were there and he reassured them that this was his choice and what he wanted..

Well, he made it!  The day after surgery Grandpa was already up and walking.. One of his nurses asked to see his driver’s license as she didn’t believe he was 96!  The U of Miami docs wanted him out of the hospital quickly… hospitals are for sick people they said… and sent him off to rehab.

As his children awaited the arrival of the ambulance at the rehab facility, a cell phone rang.  It was Grandpa from the back of the ambulance!  Miffed, he reported that the ambulance drivers had gotten off at the wrong exit, he was directing them, they would be late!

Grandpa comes from good genes, his Dad lived to be nearly 104.  Beyond genes is his attitude, his zest for life, his curiousity, his warmth and caring. and his committment to eat well and keep moving.  Indeed he models by living, sets the bar high, and continues to be the beloved leader of our family.

DD, can you help me here and add the new photo of Grandpa at 101?  He is adorable, out for lunch, grinning widely with such a twinkle in his eyes…  Fadesville indeed seems far away!


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  1. thank you DD!!! Isn’t he just the cutest?…. hugs to DD who linked the photo in….

  2. Yes, we have the cutest gpa EVER!

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