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chubby cheetah shops at costco…..

July 14, 2013

Seriously, what could chubby cheetah possibly find at Costco?  Everything comes in oversize, extra large, volume quantity.  The snack, chip, chocolate section is conveniently placed front and center, samples are generous and it all looks so good! 

Have you ever told yourself that you will buy the Costco sized trail mix, mixed nuts, mini candy bars, granola or any of the chips, and only eat one portion every week?  Could you?  Did you?  … Not in this century!

DH and I have a system, we head straight back to fruit, stopping at the clothing tables just to look, and then hone in on the fruit… This week I found a case of ripe mangoes, a case of nectarines, grapes, bananas and various veggie, salad items.  I intend to share the mangoes with DD and DS, however I ate one yesterday and one today, so there may not be as many to share!  The nectarines were not yet soft, so they will be for later in the week, we have apples left from last week, the bananas fit in as needed and the grapes are the counter grab and snack.

We also find interesting proteins… packaged fresh turkey breast cut from a real turkey, recently, a new item, turkey burgers with spinach.. Cilantro shrimp is a frequent purchase, although yesterday the expire was not late enough for that to work.  Sometimes, there are chicken sausages, and once an olive platter that lasted two weeks…oh they are condiments… ! Yesterday I bought the chicken salad made with greek yogurt and grapes, most yummy.

We wander about looking for healthy reasonable items, and then head over to frozen and refrigerated, wind our way through canned goods and cereal.. and race past the other side of the above mentioned danger zone (chips, chocolate and candy!)… Sometimes we make it, sometimes we don’t!  Yesterday DH was pulled in by a box of lemon cookies lurking near bread, and I succumbed to the brownie chips. 

Honestly, they taste just like a rich chocolately brownie.  A portion has a reasonable calorie cost, the challenge is to keep it to one portion, eaten sometimes, and not an entire Costco size bag at one sitting!  I have a system.   I store them in DH’s snack cupboard.  It is the high one over the refrigerator, not easy to access, fairly easy to forget about.  And there is always the chance that DH will have eaten them all before I remember they exist!

Costco can be a calorie nightmare or a healthy resource.  It’s up to me to decide.  Sigh.



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