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candy crush saga…. on my new smartphone….

July 8, 2013

Games are addictive!  For me, the drop down match a group of three games catch me every time… From tetris, back in the day, through Jewel Quest, and now candy crush saga… I am hooked!

Candy crush saga seemed simple enough, match the candies… but no… it is a diabolical ever changing complicated tour of candyland… and on and on and on… will it ever end?  How many levels are there?  Will I win or be stuck forever in the 20’s?

And then what is this time out thing, that won’t let me play for a number of minutes?  I cry right along with the tearing eye on the screen as I reluctantly put the phone down and step away… Of course I could spend money and be reunited with my game, I could spend money and get extra lives… I could spend money and get more powerful helpers… so far I am strong and have resisted….

After acquiring my new hot phone, I checked with the youngees in the office as to the latest greatest hottest game to download… Jeff informed of candy crush saga, indicating that his information was current, state of the art, with an up to the minute source of his nieces… Sheesh, I am now addictd to a game for 10 year olds.

Worse than that, the 10 year olds have probably already mastered all levels and moved on to the newest latest greatest download! I should probably stick with words with friends, more my speed and with a chance to actually win!

This is my time of day to blog, I have been out of town for a long weekend… my responsibility right now is my blog… …..

Hmmm, I wonder if my time out is over and I can get back to the game?!

Actually, playing candy crush saga is probably good for my brain, retaining brain cells, keeping the existing ones healthy… Oh, right, reading, thinking, exercising are the proven methods of retaining brain function!  Well then, I am on a self funded research project to determine the value of phones games to brain health…. sounds good, right? 

Research is serious business… I’d better get back to it right away… I’ll keep you posted!



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One Comment
  1. Noreen permalink

    This blog confirms my belief that I am a Luddite! I have NEVER played a game on my phone and probably only played 3-5 on my computer! Maybe I do NOT have the addictive behavior gene I was so worried about until now. Of course, I am sure I could not hold a conversation with today’s 10 years old, either!

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