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chubby cheetah weighs in….

June 26, 2013

…. the same, down in total 1/2 pound… 3 weeks…. 1/2 pound… sheeesh…

Chubby cheetah is having a very good social life, alot of fun with friends, many celebrations, special times, mini cations, and daily challenges…

Chubby cheetah is aware that this  funtimes, goodtimes lifestyle is not going to work long term.. when one wants to lose some pounds, one must move more and eat less… the chubby cheetah is definitely moving more… is certainly strong and healthy… but obviously not eating enough less!!!!

Noone is asking the chubby cheetah to ‘starve’, to restrict food intake in any way other than  small changes over time… Noone actually cares, it is up to the Chubby cheetah….

So, speaking of the cheetah in third person is not going to work!!!  This is a personal quest, owned in full by the cheetah herself… hrrrrmph…

Slow as it is, progress is happening, better food choices are happening, awareness is happening, committment is happening…. the main reason there are pounds to lose is that committment has been sporadic… and only happening where there was nothing more interesting going on… be it an event or a stray piece of chocolate!

Three weeks of comittment, of awareness is not only a small change, it is a big change…

This weeks victories… more salad, smaller portions, less chocolate, healthier food choices…

Chubby cheetah is on the verge of a breakthrough… these three weeks have been the introduction, the beginning, the awareness, the spotlight on the issues, the warmup… like the Cubs it has been a ‘building season’, unlike the Cubs a championship season is going to happen!

Which leaves us with the plan…. finally a week that does not have social on every day of the calendar… in fact social is not on any of the days… which does not mean that there won’t be social, but it does mean that social will be a choice… and how to handle social is in my ballpark for the first time in the last three weeks… 

Reviewing, I will give myself some grace, I have had 4 -5 or more ‘special’ events each week, all food related… in the past that would have been enough to say, not now Chubby Cheetah, you can put this off til a quieter time…. using these challenges to focus is a foundation…

Goals for the week…. add 2 days of aerobic activity… either a class at the gym or running…

Pay attention to portion size and feelings of hunger and fullness… ok to not finish….

Find a success every single day and focus on that success…. every single day…

And stay positive… on the Chubby Cheetah journey and in the face of the miserable awful terrible weather that is my reality..




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  1. Debi permalink

    The same is a victory with your social life-think about it if in all these years you could have stayed the same or down 1/2 lb in 3 weeks with what you have been doing there would be no “extra to lose” so this is a major victory. The problem we have is that it is so much harder now than it was before.
    Personal confession time -there was chocolate-a bar not individually wrapped which is why it is no more and why I only buy individually warpped!

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