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arggghhh… enough rain already…

June 26, 2013

I like a good rainstorm… the sound of the droplets pelting on the roof, the low rumble of thunder in the distance…. especially at night, rain in the background usually means a good sleep…. but this is nuts…. rain, pause, rain, pause… more rain..

…and not just rain, torrential downpours, flash flooding alerts, crashing waves of lightning and thunder… repeat…  there is no sleeping when the thunder actually shakes the house, when the drum of the rain begins to sound like hail, when the lightning is constant.

Driving is dangerous at such times, flooded roadways, cars losing control, windows fogging ….

Our lawn is green, very green…. we need a permanent lawn mower, moving back and forth all day every day… the weeds are very green also, as are the volunteer whatevers that were not invited and are growing tall and strong.  One of our gutters is filled with itty bitty maple trees… we should go up and pull those out before they destroy the gutter, but how do you go on the roof in the middle of a thunderstorm?

Oh, a break… the sounds are quieting… just a distant rumble, just rain lightly falling… but I have seem the weather map, this break is temporary… there are even stronger storms approaching from the west…

I have a seminar all day today… I hope I can get there, it is in a town prone to flooding… with access roads that flood also…  oops here comes the next wave of storms… that was a very short break!

I’m going to make another pot of coffee…..


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