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blackhawks win the stanley cup….

June 25, 2013

I don’t know what a Stanley cup is, however the Chicago Blackhawks brought it home on a plane last night, arriving at O’hare a bit after 4am.  It is big and looked heavy.   It is , also, apparently an occasion worthy of a party… a big party…. a street party…. akin to a Super Bowl parade…

I am not a hockey fan, although I pretended to be one 37 years ago when DH had tickets and invited me to see the Long Island team for our first date!  I have been to one or two games in the years since, and one or two Wolves games, as well as a few local games and Club U of I games… I still don’t understand the game, not one bit…. alot of crazy skating, sticks flying, turning around and going the other way, all while one lone padded up guy patrols a net.

The game makes no sense to me, nor does wearing a sweater while playing it.  I won’t even go into the violence or willingness to lose teeth while playing… yet…………

Chicago is again home to the Stanley Cup champions!  The second time in just a few years!  This is a good thing!  City pride is heightened, strangers have something to say to each other, pithy comments such as… ‘How bout dem Hawks!’ abound… We all feel good about the victory and arrival of the Stanley Cup, whether we get the game or not…

Winning is fun, the bigger the win the more the fun….

Note to Tom Rickets…. Find out what Quenville knows about baseball.  Maybe he has some time this summer to stop over at Wrigley and pull the rag tag mess called the Cubs into shape!


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