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technology…. and the not so young…..

June 21, 2013

Where is the balance?  One must move forward in order to survive.  Advances in technology lengthen lives and increase the quality of said lives.  However where is the balance?  When does the benefit of superior technology diminish in comparison to the humaness of our lives?

To paraphrase Einstein, We will conquer technology and then it will conquer us. 

Did previous generations worry the same issue with the development of the gas engine, the automobile and the airplane?  To me, those seem indispensable.  How would I get to work, to the store, to visit Grandpa or to a remote island vacation?  Sensible thoughts.  Yet, have these advances pushed us apart, pushed us away form the glory of the land, diminished the quality of our communication?  Silly.  Maybe.

Because when it progress too much?  What about fracking?  Seems like a great idea to have this country no longer energy dependent, to harvest more power than we need.  Still, at what cost to future generations?  Possibly fracking will severely weaken the structure of our planet with dire unknown consequences.

Today was a sit in front of the blank computer screen, with the Add New Post page waiting, nothing to say.. and then.. the growl of an old untuned car engine drving down the street and the swoosh of the Chicago Tribune arriving on the driveway .. and I knew what I wanted to write today!

I love the newspaper, from its arrival on the driveway, to the walk out to retrieve it, to removing the plastic wrap, to that first spreading of the sections… which will be first today?  Did the Blackhawks win?  Oh, they did not play, but those nasty Miami Heat folk won it all… again.  Today is Friday, there will be a section on what to do this weekend, always there will be a business section.  I may avoid that section today, the stock market was not my friend yesterday.  And the front page… do I read that section first or last?  Will there be time to read it all this morning or will I save some for this evening?

Sad to know that the newspaper is old technology.  Our children do not read the newspaper, they find out what is happening in bits and pieces, headlines on their internet browser,  those words scrolling accross on the bottom of the television screen at the gym inform their world view.  Those interested, have a news feed sent right to their phones…

And, therein lies the entire point… the proliferation of hand held technology may drown us as a civilization.  People don’t speak, they email, they text, they leave voice mail.  If they must speak, there is the buffer of Skype or I chat.. no need to be in the same room.  And the connection has become all consuming,  the phone buzzes, beeps or vibrates to let you know someone has said something… Is it a real message of some value, or just another tweet, status update or junk mail?  No matter, way too many of us are immediately, like lemmings, drawn to the device… grabbing as though we would drown if we didn’t find out what happened immediately.   And then we must respond, with our own innane riduculous meaningless non words… R U ok?

This is not me, yet.  I insist it will never be me, I hope.  My children are on the cusp… not tweeting, not facebooking, but communicating on their portable devices frequently.  DS has said, don’t leave me a message, I don’t take them… TEXT.  So, I have a smart phone, I can text.. and after humourous attempts, I can even voice text.  I like it… UHOH, I am being sucked into the vortex of new technology.

Chicago Tribune, here I am… I have not forgotten you… I have left the smart phone on the desk and I am here…. for now.



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One Comment
  1. debi permalink

    I finished mine awhile ago. I’m with you about the newspaper-give me print any day.

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