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chubby cheetah weighs in – week 2

June 19, 2013

down 1/2 #… sheeesh this is hard!

What would I say to a friend who really paid attention and lost 1/2 pound in a week?

.  Good for you!

. You are walking around without 2 entire sticks of butter attached to you! (a stick of butter is 1/4 pound!)

. This is a journey, not of weeks but of a lifetime

. You met your goals for the week, 6 days over 10,000 steps and two of them over 15,000.  Actually 4 over 15,000.   And made a healthy crockpot meal .

.  You can and you will succeed… at the end, does it really matter how long it took?

THANK YOU, DEAR FRIEND… I needed a little boost, as I along with probably most people thought I would have lost 10# by now…. I mean two weeks is more than enough time to lose 10# according to the ads and the magazines! 

I handled some major foodie events without giving in to over indulgence, I pushed myself to move more, and I truly ate less trashy food, walking by the office chocolate bowls empty handed all but two times…. And only having one 30 calorie mini on each of the occasions I engaged with the bowl… this is good!  I have polished off entire bowls of chocolate in my history…. and looked for more.

So, to the heart of the matter…. What’s next?

Focus on the why… what do I want?  What will make it worthwhile this week to continue the journey?

. Health, current and future… a good blood report next month when I have my annual checkup

.Energy, high level energy to keep up with the youngees, to do what I want without regard for it ‘being too much’

.my energy of the universe must have know something, I started this journey 14 days ago and my son became engaged 11 days ago… there is a wedding ahead… vain… but I want to look really good in the photos!

Focus on the what… what am I ready to do?  What will be my change for this week?

.Continue activity.. 6 days over 10,000 steps… at least 2 over 15,000 steps

.Run at least once for at least one mile.. OY

.More vegetables… add veggies to everything…

OK, I’m in…. heading to the dreaded gym to meet with the dreaded trainer for a dreaded circuit training and doing the same thing tomorrow morning…. head on to the dread!

Another week of challenges ahead.. business lunches, social lunches, a trip to the casino with free food money and an emotional trip to the airport to drop DD off for her trip of a lifetime to Israel.  With determination, focus and planning I can do this, all of this and still post a loss next Wednesday. YES, I CAN… and I WILL.



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  1. Debi permalink

    You are doing all the right things AND you are still living. It is a journey-a wise woman once said that it didn’t matter if one went the direct route up the mountain or one took the scenic route (which was much longer)-they both came to the same end (and I would guarantee that the one taking the scenic route enjoyed it a lot more). congrats!

  2. Sounds like you are doing what you need to do!

    • some of what I need to do, some of the time… there is a zone… I am on the edge of the zone… what I am is committed… determined….. and that will help me find the sweet spot… thank you for reading!!!!

  3. great idea to think like a friend. We are often much tougher on ourselves than on our friends and owe ourselves some grace now and again : )

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