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oh the pleasure of…. wine…..

June 15, 2013

I’m a farm girl… actually a city girl, from a very tiny city!  In Iowa the definition of a city is 2000 people, we had 2018!  We lived 5 houses from the edge of town and the edge of town immediately crossed over to farm land.  Farming defined and supported our town.  We may have been able to call ourselves townies, but we all had roots in the farms, and our culture was based on farming..

Back in the day nobody drank wine.  Well, that is not totally true, we sipped Mogan David at communion!  The Catholics didn’t get to sip the wine, the priest did all the sipping, but the Lutherans all got to sip…

Socially we drank beer… and hard alcohol.  There were alot  more mixed drinks at social functions in those days, although I think they may be making a comeback with fancy martinis and such these days.  I was a beer drinker, Pabst Blue Ribbon and later Special Export… wonder if either even exists now?

Later I drank some wine, Sangria and something called lambrusca… as well as the cheapest of the cheap college day wine… oh and rum… I had forgotten about rum, rum and coke!

Hmm, I sound like quite the boozer… not so much… for many decades raising kids, I barely drank at all…. and then they grew up, went away to school… and the fun began!  I still like beer, especially now with all of the craft beers and seasonal beers available… but now I also like wine..

red wine, white wine, bubbly wine… sweet wine… and, medical research supports wine as an aid to healthy living… one glass a day for women… I wish it were two!


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One Comment
  1. I think you can get PBR at the Cub’s games!
    We will have a few wine options at tomorrow’s BBQ!

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