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mother in law…..

June 11, 2013

I am too young to be a mother in law…. actually, numerically, I am likely on the older side for first time mother in law hood,… mentally I am way too young for this role… mother in law, synonomous with sturdy shoes, housedress, pocket book over the arm and permed frizzed concrete hair… oh and difficult to please… impossible to please..

NOT ME!  I have years, truly years, nearly decades of being the mother of the girl friend and mother of the boyfriend.  That has worked out well, at least in my mind.  DD and DS might beg to differ, feeling that often what is in seen in my mind has no frame of reference to the real world!  No matter, it works for me.

But mother in law?   I reject the title… I am going to be Mari or Mar (only a very few get to call me Mar!)  Certainly not mom, those who marry my children have moms…. they only need one.

I am going to be there, always, but work hard to be there in a background support role…  I truly adore those who are going to and are likely to assume the roles of having a mother in law in our little family…  the relationship is great the way it is, no change required.

…. yet one day…. I may be a grandmother….. then bring it on, grammy, granny, grandma, bubbie, …. bring it on!


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  1. Sounds like you are too young to be a grammy too!!!

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