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what the chubby cheetah knows…. day 5

June 10, 2013

Weekends are tough.   2 days of  weekend can unravel 5 days of week, easily, in a moment, without thought.  This is not a requirement of weekends.   It is possible to ‘maintain’ the success of week on  weekend.  Theoretically it is possible to continue the success of week on weekend, however there are few examples of such available!

Before we continue….


I mean, I’m just saying… I figure you will cut me a little slack on my weekend compliance based on the above!  Although DSIL did immediately say ‘Shit, now we REALLY have to lose weight!)

Actually in review, weekend was successful…. just a few comments on weekends in the city..

how do all those skinny young folk in the city eat and drink so much and stay so slim?  This is a fair question and makes one wonder about the supposed myth of metabolism.  Scientifically metabolism does not slow down as we age, we slow down as we age…

However there were plenty of examples of non moving youngers observed on the weekend, particularly on Sunday at brekkie brunch places.  Lakeview is my frame of reference.. there are enough amazing food emporiums to keep the cheetah chubby for years to come… Menus do not feature egg whites, nor is substituting encouraged… Menus feature fabulously deliciously cheesy, sugary, carby, fatty oh so tasty dishes washed down with a bloody mary, mimosa or craft beer. (I had Founders all day IPA)

We ate at noon and we were early!  The locals were still napping…. It is possible DS would have preferred to still be napping but DH and I, well mainly I, could not wait one more minute to be in the city, on the doorstep, laughing, grinning, and admiring…… (ya know the ring and all!)

My omelette and rye toast were perfect, not perfectly lo fat or, lo calorie, but perfectly tasting… here is my observation, real food besides tasting good, is more filling than ‘diet’ food, lasts longer in the tummy, is more satisfying and possibly results in less food eaten during the day.

It was again a 2 or 2 1/4 meal day…. there were no snacks, it was easy to have only one piece of chocolate covered banana for the taste, because there was no need for food in the tummy. 

We got to the city, parked the car and walked everywhere else all day long…. walking burns calories… hmmmm.

So, I am ok with my first 5 days of renewed compliance, looking forward to continuing this journey of learning… and weight loss…. but first..

tonight… CUBS GAME…. we will park by DS and walk a mile or so to the stadium… jump up and down alot, walk home… and enjoy the game and the beer… Dare we hope for another win today?!


One Comment
  1. Debi permalink

    Wow!! That is great news. Time to get uber healthy!!! 😉

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