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a big whine….

June 3, 2013

I just have to say I work part time for a big deal, big time corporation with a no deal, small time totally ridiculous technology platform.  We were running the business on paper, yes paper, just paper until 5 or so years ago.  With so many decades to prepare for a switch you would think it would be up to the minute, good stuff.

Let’s be very clear, it is not good stuff.  It is cumbersome, out dated before it began, hardly intuitive, slow, difficult to manage.. and all of that is when it works…. when it doesn’t work, the back up plan is amazing…. back to paper.  And should anyone mention that paper in 2013 is a bit antiquated, they will be informed that we are spoiled… spoiled, yes spoiled… Spoiled to expect effective technology in the 21st century.  It is enough to make you wonder.

I may be hitting burnout… not burnout on what I do, I love love love what I do, but total total total burnout on how I do it…

The latest salvo may be the proverbial camel…. at one location technology has not been active for over a month… over a month of doing our job manually… and of course with the requirement to make sure that everyone we come in contact with believes that paper is the next best thing to sliced bread.. totally perfect, no worries that nothing can sync, that processes are not efficient.   When was the last time you received a manual credit card slip as a receipt?

After a brave employee called out this abomination verbally and personally to the highest level… action happened… NO, (what were you thinking?) not working technology… a backup plan to run the technology from laptops… requiring an hour of personal time spend on a training module paid at minimum wage… oh right, everything we do is at minimum wage, or below.   And the training?  Some time was spend on how to interface the technology with the laptop, however the largest amount of time was spent on what to do when the laptop technology failed, malfunctioned or only worked part time… and, notification that we had better not use this company laptop for anything personal. 

REALLY?  Really!  You would be horrified if you knew the company of which I speak, if you knew the volume, the standing, the visiblility, the salary of the CEO… but you don’t and you won’t cause I still work there….

However, I think this may be a deal breaker for me…  it is possible that I have reached the place where my distaste for all things corporate might spill over my love of what I do… And at that point… I must leave…. sigh.


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