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cubs sweep sox….. in crosstown classic..

May 31, 2013

go cubs goooo, go cubs gooooo

hey, hey whaddya say… CUBS are going to win today!!!

hmmmm, singing in my heart… cause singing out loud is bothersome to all but the deafest of the deaf!

sweet sports week for the northsiders…. and HAWKS win in overtime to boot!

You would think I am a rabid sports fan, but no… ask my family… I don’t even know the batting order, or who is pitching today… what I know is that the Cubs are iconic CHICAGO sports, the Wrigley experience is a wrap your arms around yourself, big hug kind of time. 

Every bit of game day, from the trek to the city, to the walking approach to the stadium, to the peanuts purchased along the way, to the first sip of cold beer adds to the feeling of neighborhood, of being a part of something special.

Even in the worst of slumps, in the buildingest of  building years, there is always hope… the CUBS may win today!  They are a team off the track, winning when they should lose, losing when they should win, every game day is a mystery surrounded by cheering fans.  And the fans… all types, all ages bring encouragement to the team and receive life lessons from the team…

And then there is the neighborhood, the bars and outdoor patios so close, so ready to celebrate or commiserate… there is the ability for so many to walk it off, ride it home on the CTA, the tight comraderie of the neighbors proximity to the ivy covered stadium…

Every year I promise to attend more games, mostly I only make it to a few…. crossing my fingers that my game will be a day we get to ‘sing the song’.. cause in the stadium all sorts of voices are allowed, accepted and encouraged… swaying back and forth… full volume…. GO CUBS GOOO..

I’m in, I’m a fan… See you at Wrigley…. or Clarks on Vine!


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