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summer in chi town, let the good times roll….

May 15, 2013

Lovely weather here in Chi town often shows up late and leaves early.  Lovely is a very short season.   Surviving the wind off the lake and punishing storms from the West, we dream of long, lazy, warm days to come.  And imagine what we will do with them…  

PFFFFT, just like that they are gone.  Wasted?  Perhaps not wasted, but definitely not thoroughly used.  Like a  bottle of favorite expensive shampoo that is recycled with a few good shampoos still in the bottom..  To maximize the value, the lid must be removed, a bit of water added, a few good shakes applied and… every ounce used.

I intend to use every ounce of lovely this year!  Start early, use often, and shake the last of lovely right down to October!

Actually, lovely will be the variety pack for me this year.  Based in the ‘burbs there are the regular staples of lovely, my garden, neighborhood walks, miles of roads and paths to cover with my mint green bicycle (remember the post on that, ode to my bicycle?)((still not linking!)), ladies lunches to attend and quiet moments on the deck with a book to savor.

But, I am determined to expand lovely beyond the boundaries of the burbs!  The city beckons and with friends and family ensconced in Lakeview, lovely opportunities abound!  Walking/biking the lake front, exploring the many nifty small neighborhood eateries and bakeries, rediscovering zoos and museums, finding inexpensive plays and musical venues and sharing all with friends and family, this season of lovely is going to be a standout!  Not to mention cheering the Cubbies from the stands and being there for any opportunity to ‘sing the song’… CUBS ARE GOING TO WIN TODAY!

DH doesn’t know it yet, but he will be watching less baseball from the recliner!  He may be able to catch a few innings of his beloved Mets as we drive to and from the city, however this is going to be the season of action and activity, not the season of the chair! 

Additionally, we may travel a bit, check up on Grandpa in Boca (catch the posts on him), hopefully spend some time with the nephews in NYC, get to Door County at least once, and locally attend a fair or fest.

I am starting now, I am not waiting…. this weekend begins the season of lovely in Chi town!  Saturday on the North side for lunch and a long walk, Sunday with friends, perhaps at the Art Institute with a walk and a lunch as well.

There are closets to clean, drawers to sort, a basement to reclaim… later, after lovely!






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