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blogging… self censorship

May 14, 2013

I like to click on new ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ to discover who they are.  The other day, I found a blogger whose ‘about’ ID stated … writing about my life, anonomously. Anonomously  made sense,  as the posts were filled with crazy stories about something called raves which appeared to have alot to do with drugs, drinking, and  depraved living.  I can see where you wouldn’t want your family tuned in.

No worries family, I don’t have a hidden life style that would need to be anonymous, however I do consider, reconsider some topics before posting.  There are events, experiences I would write about if noone I knew was reading my writing.

Why?  There are really two parts to why.  Why would I write it and Why would I care who reads it?

Second part first.  Reading a post should never make a friend or family member uncomfortable, bring up sad times or intense feelings.  Writing can do that, legitimately.  Since I would never intentionally write a letter or an email to someone dredging up pain or discomfort, my blog content is self censored to the same standards.

Ok, then first part, why would I write it?  Or want to write it?  Blogging is a two part situation, creating a format for me to write.  Writing is about the technique, the skill, working on style, flow and presentation.  Writing in my own voice is also about the stories I would tell, about putting life into words, about digging within to create with words a moment, a time, an emotion.

Therein is the tension, if I get it right I may offend. 



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  1. Very well stated! I have two blogs. The primary one is about books and such. The other would, at first glance, appear to be a personal blog – but I try to be very careful about what I write there. Yes, people can learn a bit more about me, but it’s mainly aimed at celebrating my family. To be explicit, in any sense of the word, about truly personal matters would be highly inappropriate.

    • Thank you! this is such a journey of personal growth. on the technical side, but perhaps even more on the emotional, feeling, being… I stop by your blog.. and enjoy!

      • Thank YOU! As you say, it’s a journey, and learning to avoid the pitfalls can be difficult. That’s why posts like yours are so valuable 🙂

      • we are just up too early working on it!

      • True LOL!

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